Saturday, March 19, 2011

I'm on the run from the mafia and the FBI.

I was in this hotel and somehow I recorded an incriminating call on the answering machine. In order to protect myself, I took the micro tape and made a copy on VHS. Then I carried them both around with me. The FBI and the mafia wanted to get their hands on the recording, I kept the mini-tape hidden in my clothing and the VHS tape under my jacket. Mom and sis were with me. I think my brother was there too, I can't recall. All I know is that we had to go on the run. We went to this hotel and hid out. We were hungry but you had to have this code to get into a secret room where the food was. Then we had to leave that hotel and go to another one because they could see us through the windows and hear our conversation.I remember being at FBI headquarters attempting to find out where my family was but they wouldn't tell me anything. I thought I saw my mom in a room but it turned out to be a decoy, someone dressed up to look like her. I was getting really pissed at the FBI. I was yelling at them but they didn't seem to give a damn.

I remember seeing these men who would show up where we were. I was eating breakfast I think and this guy was at the bar and I tried asking him his name but he wouldn't answer. Actually none of the men following us would answer. The mafia weren't very helpful LOL and neither were the FBI.

Mom, sis and me and whomever else with us drove to a motel in Iowa and there I was trying to figure out how far I was from Dubuque because my friend Sarah is there. I was looking on this electronic map at the hotel and it turns out we were thirty miles from Dubuque. But I couldn't remember Sarah's last name to call her and see if she could pick us up because we were having difficulties getting our hotel room. When we got into the hotel room, the hotel folks made us turn off all the lights, the A/C and everything. In an effort to save money. I was pissed because it was warm in the room. Somehow our mafia connections or the FBI told the hotel to give us power and so we were ok.

Because they were on our tail, we wound up fleeing with the FBI to some remote location where they had these beautiful log cabins in the woods, on an estate where the FBI was located. There were agents and guards everywhere, and no way you could get back to the remote area in the woods where the cabins were. There was no way anyone could get to us there. It was really beautiful there in the woods. I got there on my own but my mom and the rest of my family weren't there and I got worried. Inside this building at this desk I talked to this lady and asked her about my family. They said we all had to be interviewed prior to going to our cabin. But then I was told my family was showing up, at least part of them anyway, everyone was spread out all over the place. The lady at the desk said they only had two minutes to interview those who were arriving. The agents asked me if I had been cleared through the electronic detectors and I lied and said yes because I had the tapes on me and didn't want them being detected or erased. Apparently I was a good liar because they believed me. Then I remember walking through the path in the woods to get to the cottage. The woods were not overrun with weeds, it was cleared, very nice.

And then I woke up.

There's more but just an hour later it's all kind of fuzzy. I did a lot of fighting with the FBI and I had to lie to them in an effort to get what I wanted from them and then there was all that running from the mafia. Oy vey!

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  1. I think you've watched Midnight Run one too many times! BTW, did you happen to run into Agent Foster Grant? LOL