Thursday, March 24, 2011

Where we are now, others have been, and others will surely be...

Sometimes we get so caught up in the drama of life it's easy to believe we're the only ones experiencing it. The truth is that where we are now, others have been and where we are now, others will be eventually.  It's only a matter of time.

Just the other day I was having a talk with a friend I see every few months when she does my hair. When we get together in her small but charming shop on main street in a rural Mayberry-like town, we have wonderful conversations about life.  Recently my friend shared some experiences of her life in an effort to help me understand I am not alone. Not only do we share similar experiences but we share similar reactions to them as well. When I realized that my reaction to certain events in my life was also shared by others, it made the burden a little lighter. It was just nice to know I wasn't alone.

And so it was at that moment I realized how important it is to share our experiences; not only to release our own frustrations and lessen our burdens; but that helping another person understand that they are not alone in their experiences and feelings empowers them with something they might not otherwise have had, and that is hope.


  1. Anonymous3/28/2011

    Jessica, once again you write about something we all experience. You are a a very astute person and that is part of what makes you such a good writer. I am really looking forward to you publishing your book! Thanks again for your sharing! Carol

  2. Ohhh thanks Carol!!!

  3. I would love for you to undergo a few sessions in past life regression. There's no doubt in my mind that it was someone quite astute and very, very wise.