Tuesday, April 26, 2011

AT&T can't get it together so now I'm taking it to a new level...

Nearly one year ago I abandoned HughesNet and ordered DSL service through AT&T. It was a thousand times faster, cheaper and more convenient since they are my phone service carrier. I took advantage of the deal they had going on for $19.99 per month for the first 12 months for the DSL and after that it would increase to the regular price of $42.95 per month. So far in regards to speed and service, it's been excellent. The only problem is in the area of billing.

Every month AT&T overcharges me for my DSL service. Instead of the $19.99 per month for the DSL they continue to charge the full price of $42.95 and every month I have to take time out of my busy schedule and call them to straighten them out. I'm sick of it, just plain sick of it. Today I downloaded my bill and once again, it is incorrect. Not only did they overcharge me again but they listed $23.30 as overdue and charged me interest on it. This amount that is showing past due is actually what they credited me last month!

As always, when I arrive at work tomorrow, I will have to take time out of my busy schedule to contact AT&T to set this right. I wouldn't have to do this if someone were doing their job. I also plan to email CEO and President Randall Stephenson and complain to him about this crappy customer service. It should never have come to this but now that it has I'm going to send him an email which will include among other things, one burning question:  

"  How hard can it be to credit a customer's bill 
once a month for a year?" 

In the meantime I'll follow up to this post when I hear something. Hopefully my experience can help someone else.  I'm bound and determined this is going to be fixed no matter how high I have to go and I do plan to tell everyone about it, and I do mean everyone.

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  1. i've had this conversation with them before - and i'd still deal with them way more gladly than verizon.

    i'm still doing battle with verizon nearly 10 years AFTER i moved out of a house in texas.