Tuesday, April 12, 2011

[H]ouse digs up skeletons in the closet....

I thought the emotions that played out in this episode "The Dig" 7x18 were well done. I thoroughly enjoyed the interaction between House and Thirteen last night. House was incredibly subdued, sans Vicodin, and full of emotion, expressed in only the way House can express it...silently. When he mentioned Cuddy...oh you could FEEL how much he misses her and how much he desperately loves her without him saying it. The tears that welled up in his eyes when Thirteen, with her back turned to him, told him that she had killed her brother to put him out of his misery from the Huntington's disease, was so beautifully done. It was such a gutwrenching scene when she turned to him, expecting his usual snarkiness only to find silence. When she told him "now I know why Cuddy broke up with you" I nearly cried when he turned and walked away without saying a word. With Hugh, the eyes say it all.

Another truly emotional scene was when House told Thirteen in the end "I'll kill you" which meant of course a lot to her knowing that when it's her turn to die from this terrible debilitating disease and she's no longer capable of killing herself, someone will be there to do it for her.

Nobody understands House because there are so many layers to him, he runs so deep. Given the walls he's put up around himself for so many years, it isn't surprising that it's so hard for others to understand him when he's actually trying. I do feel like he's come to a realization and wants to do better. He wants to dig himself out of he hole he got himself into and this was evident last night. House's "Dig" wasn't just about Thirteen, it was about himself too.

I have hope for House, I really do. TPTB need to give House a real chance to find himself and find some happiness. Last night was a nice beginning. Underneath it all he is fragile and breakable but he wants to both give and receive love too, he just doesn't know how. I want this to be a beginning for him to get his life together. I would like to see him be able to finally open up to Cuddy, who has known him longer than anyone else, in a way he's never been able to before.

Harold (left) watches on as House prepares to fire!
On a sidenote, I couldn't write this without mentioning Harold. I thought it hilarious when he was trying to convince Harold that Thirteen was a Russian physicist, then she fires the gun, shatters a windshield and falls on her ass! I was actually cheering at my television when House pointed that spud gun at Harold! Then they broke to commercial and you just KNEW what he was going to do! I think for House, it was definitely worth going to jail for a few hours in order to have the chance to nail that creep.   Good times.

Hugh and Olivia shined. Hugh's performance last night was brilliant, nobody else pulls it off as beautifully as he does.

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