Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Last Temptation: House & Wilson are at it again...

Ahh, the anxiously anticipated final episode for Amber Tamblyn's "Martha Masters" whom I refer to as "Little Cuddy" in episode 7x19 "The Last Temptation"

In retrospect I actually liked the way the story played out for Masters. House is an excellent teacher even if his methods of teaching aren't always ethical or orthodox, he always manages to get his point across to his students. He's been trying to teach the moral Masters all along that medicine isn't about black and white, it's a wide, expansive, vast gray area. Since her arrival Masters has been playing by the book even going to so far as to sacrifice her career by outing House and Cuddy in Family Practice. But finally, when faced with a life or death decision on her last day on his team, she finally gets it...that sometimes you have to break the rules to do the right thing. For House it's about solving the puzzles (although we've seen in the past he does actually care for his patients--at least some of them) but for Masters it was always about "doing the right thing" and as she learned, sometimes you can't do both. I don't think House really wanted her to do an internship with him, I think he wanted her to learn the "lesson" and then spread her wings and move on, which now, thanks to him, she can do!
House and his protege in a differential

When Masters walked away from House at the very end she had this look of sadness on her face. But when she nearly tripped over the chicken, she got that sudden smile and you could tell everything was going to be ok. I think the chicken reminded her that not everything can be perfect, just the way you want it, sometimes there are obstacles in the way and you just have to overcome them. When she looked back and House was not there, I though it was symbolic of the fact that she'd finally gotten the lesson he'd been trying to teach her and they both knew she no longer needed him. She will forever be a changed doctor and person because of him.

It's been drilled into us over and over again that House is a destructive person and hurts everyone he comes into contact with. We know that's not true. We know that other people around him are in some ways as broken as he is maybe not to his extent. Masters is a strange person, she's an anomaly, and she's even kind of like House in some weird ways. But...he did not destroy her. He did not ruin her. In fact, House helped Masters become a better doctor, he helped her see things "as they really are" and in the end, it'll make her a better person.

TPTB have tried to imply that House doesn't care, but he does. He has a heart, we've seen it (too late to close the barn door now oh dear powers-that-be!) We might even say he's passed a little of himself on not just to Masters, but with ALL of his team both past and present. That's his gift to them, teaching them in these wild unusual unethical unorthodox ways, hoping that in some way they get the lesson and it makes them better doctors and yes, even better people too.

As to the House-Wilson interaction, I can only say to TPTB "THANK YOU!" because I have missed the antics between these two for so long. Every now and then I watch old eps on DVD to remember what it was like between these two. They crack me up, and we have desperately missed them this season and even last season.

The chicken thing was pure genius. Anytime we get a chance to see House and Wilson playing games, you know it's going to be a great episode. Not to mention I've sort of gotten used to Wilson having to climb out of windows. The scene of him locked in House's office was perfect. And towards the end when we find out that the bet is a measly $20 I was laughing hysterically. I mean, who else would go through so much over $20? Yep, that's our House and Wilson. Hell, the props they needed to carry out their crazy game probably cost way more than $20 but that doesn't matter, it's about the game and the distraction for these two. I'm with Barbara about Cuddy's approval of the "shenanigans" as on the outside she might let it show she disapproves but on the inside, it probably makes her laugh! I loved the part when Wilson said to House, "next week...ferrets?"

While it was nice seeing House and Wilson interact, I have to say I am still missing quality House and Cuddy. Twenty years or more of friendship and they got fifteen episodes of trying at a relationship---we were robbed. We never had the chance to watch these two REALLY work at a relationship and grow from it. And frankly I miss them--the way they used to banter, fight, and carry on.

Finally, I noticed last week House didn't take any Vicodin. Perhaps the distraction of looking for Thirteen combined with a desire to fight the addiction? This week, he took something in the beginning of the ep, but he put the bottle which we didn't see, back on his desk so really we don't know what it was. (If you are thinking he was taking something while training the dog, those were not pills, he was eating whatever he was giving the dog). Now normally the old House on Vicodin popped and popped frequently and he always kept his stash on him. So here's what I think is happening. I think after House's bad behavior after the breakup, and his realization that he made one stupid mistake in marrying that green card chick, he's trying to get himself together. So with the help of Wilson and distractions and perhaps his own desire to be stronger he and others thinks he is, he's actually NOT on the Vicodin, or at least he's not addicted to it like he used to be. I'd like to have faith that TPTB haven't ruined our favorite doctor completely, that maybe they have given him a chance to fight and fix himself and become stronger. Yeah he'll still be a pain in the ass, but we like him, we want to see him come out ok. I think given all the guy has been through in his life, he deserves it.

As always, the portrayal of our favorite main characters was flawless. They NEVER disappoint. I pray the writers don't let us down either as we move into the last four eps of the season.

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