Friday, April 22, 2011

My quest to be stress free...

I often wonder if the stress of my life is brought on by me? Is it under my control?  Not?  Is it the fault of others for making their problems mine? Am I letting them suck me into their mess?  I've been sitting here thinking about how I want my upcoming week to go and how much control I really have over it. I know there will be problems and issues I need to deal with but regardless of how stressful they may be, how I handle them makes the difference right?

What do I need to do cut the stress?   For one, take it one day at a time. Forget what might happen tomorrow, just focus on today. Also, I need to handle in stride all the problems which come my way. There's no point in silently cursing or losing my patience, it doesn't change anything except stress me out.  Another thing I need to do is ensure the problems and stresses of others do not get to me.  If others lose their patience, begin yelling or becoming stressed out, I cannot let their stress become mine.  I've noticed that I let other people's problems and stress rub off on me, not even thinking about it. The only actions I can control are my own and there's no sense in letting someone else's actions get me down. That's easier said than done especially if you live with that person or work closely with them, but since I can control 100% of my actions, then how I respond will determine the course of my day.

One of the most important lessons I've learned recently is that I have to let a lot of things go, particularly those things over which I have no control. If only I spent as much time on the things I can control as I have spent on things I cannot control. Not only do I have to let go of the things over which I have no control but I need to also let go of the people who stress me the most. If I can't let them go completely I just need to back off. Of course that is easier said than done isn't it?

This is going to require some discipline on my end as I will have to let some things roll off my back but it will also require me to be somewhat assertive and stand up to those who attempt to take me down with their stress and let them know I'll have none of that. They are not to make their problems mine and if they try, it's under my control to not let it happen.

I'm also going to try some meditation and maybe some yoga. Also, I'm thinking of going vegetarian, not because I don't like meat, but because I just feel better when I don't eat it.

*Sigh* foot in front of the other, one day at a time...

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