Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Warning: Beware fast food and those evil toys!

Just as was done in San Francisco, a New York City Councilman named Leroy Comrie Jr. is proposing a bill to ban toys and other promotional products from children's fast-food meals if they don't meet certain nutritional guidelines including being less than 500 calories and low in fat and sodium. Violators to be fined anywhere between $200 and $500 and third-time violations up to $2,500.

The noble councilman claims,
"By ensuring that toys are only given away with meals which meet the nutritional guidelines set out in this bill, children will be more likely to pick the healthier meals when they do visit fast food restaurants. Children, lured in with toy giveaways at an early age, are more likely to develop a habit of eating unhealthily." 

Wait...wait...WAIT A MINUTE!  Since when do young children drive themselves to the local fast food restaurants and order their meals on their own?  Where are the parents here?  Oh wait, are these the parents who are so tired of fighting with their children that they given in to their every whim? Hmm...

It's evident what's up here when the Councilman "outs" himself by implying he can't make the right choices for his children. Comrie, who claims he is "no health nut" justifies his lunacy by stating,
"I'm the typical parent with no time and limited options, so you’re grabbing whatever is going to make your child happy. My wife has yelled at me repeatedly for grabbing Happy Meals." 

How is that the problem of the people of New York City? Or anywhere in America for that matter?

Hate to break it to the Councilman but if he can't make smart choices on behalf of his children maybe he shouldn't have had children in the first place. Having children is a responsibility, not a right and when you choose to have them, you are responsible for making the best choices possible. You have a choice to either buy your kids a fast food meal for dinner or wait till you get home and cook something healthy. YOUR CHOICE! And if you have to go to a fast food restaurant, you do not have to buy your children the fattiest, most calorie loaded choices on the menu!   Councilman Comrie who is probably NOT living in the projects, should earn enough of a decent living to be able to provide healthy meals for his children at home and even if he didn't, he could make better choices even at fast food restaurants, without the need for government intervention.

Now, some people might be asking what harm can this do? I mean it's all about the children right?


This is about control. It's about idiots who think the government knows better how to parent your children than you do. But it isn't just about parenting either, it goes way beyond that. Time and time again we see government slowly but surely inserting itself into our lives, insisting that it take over for us what it feels we cannot do for ourselves.

Do we really want that?

I think we can all agree that living in a free nation has its sacrifices. For example, if we want to make our own decisions regarding how to live our lives, we have to accept that not everyone will make the most responsible decisions. Hey, that's a sacrifice I'm ok with. I for one am not willing to give up the freedom to choose how to my life in exchange for the government mandating how I do it just so I don't have to suffer consequences. 

Even though there are millions of people in this country who make stupid decisions every day, I still believe we're better off letting them make those decisions and suffering the consequences than giving up the freedom to make them at all!


  1. Rant all you want, everything you say is right on the money!!

  2. Anonymous4/07/2011

    YEP! Jessica, I agree with you completely! With any right comes . . . shall I say it . . . it's considered a dirty word by some . . . oh, heck . . . RESPONSIBILITY!! I know that can be a scary word to some, especially if you have a young child screaming in the back seat for a Happy Meal or in the store for a special toy or for candy! Who taught them to want those things in the first place????? YEAH(!), and TV as well. If you don't monitor what your kids watch, you pay the price! It seems so easy, but some parents or people in general, just can't say "NO". Good article! Thanks, Carol