Sunday, April 03, 2011

Where's the pork?

Sorry folks but I just have a hard time believing the federal government is all out of programs it can shut down in an effort to reduce spending and produce a reasonable federal budget. With all the pork they've got tucked away (and we know it's there), I just can't believe there's nothing left to be cut.  Given all the useless spending that goes on, why are the powers that be unable to compromise? 

These days we're all required to do more with less. You and I must prioritize when it comes to balancing our personal budgets. Companies are required to prioritize in their effort to keep up with costs, meet demand and stay in business. Why doesn't the entity known as the federal government have to do the same? 

We work hard for the $$ we pay in taxes and we should have a say in where it goes. Well ok...we do have a say...sort of, I mean we do elect our representatives every couple of years.

So why don't we feel like we're being represented?

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  1. Pay cuts for Congress would help a lot.