Thursday, April 21, 2011

Why I will never be elected to public office...LOL

I could never serve in public office because I'm a contradiction!  Who would vote for me? 

Before you say that's a silly question, read below and you'll see why!

I am the daughter of a conservative southerner & a liberal northerner. Half my family votes Democrat, the other half votes Republican. Half my family is Jewish and the other half is Christian. The southern half of my family were poor farmers and marble workers and the northern half were immigrants who started their own businesses and made lots of money. I learned to shoot guns when I was 12, I was a sharpshooter in the military and I can't stand the NRA. I served in the military and I've voiced my opposition to our troops being in the Middle East. My dad and my grandfather were both Union men and I oppose Unions. I've celebrated Christmas and Hanukkah. I love animals and I support hunting (for food!). I believe in limited government and I support Planned Parenthood. I am pro-life and pro-choice. I am for fiscal responsibility and I also believe that we have a responsibility to help the most needy in our society. I believe health care should be accessible to everyone and I believe a national health care system is not the way to go. I believe we need to reduce our dependence on foreign oil and I want to be sure we maintain a pristine ecosystem on our coasts.

Now you see what I mean? LOL

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  1. Once again I'm amazed at how alike we are.