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David Shore: "No regrets" Seriously?

Tonight is the finale but I won't wait to post this. I'm sure I'll have something on that tomorrow.

David Shore has no regrets about what he's done on House.

I thought this clip might help express my thoughts:

In a recent interview, David Shore talks about the House season finale:

"The whole thing has just been a wonderful, exciting ride," Shore said, "to take this character and be able to explore him for 150 episodes, 151 episodes, 152 episodes and counting. It's been just amazing. At the beginning, I didn't think there were that many medical maladies we could deal with. I was just hoping we'd get a niche audience. I was hoping this character would touch enough weirdos out there to keep it going — but apparently, there are a lot more weirdos out there than I thought.

"That's not to say I've been thrilled with everything I've done on the show, but I'm pretty good at accepting that's what we did. I learned how to go forward with, hopefully, a slightly different perspective. There have been a couple of things over the years I thought were a mistake, but I'd rather not mention them. I don't want to feed the fire."

Shore added that, no matter what happens from here, he had no regrets about ending House and Cuddy's onscreen relationship.

"I was very pleased with what we did. I thought we did something that, in my opinion, could have gone very wrong. When you have millions of viewers, a number of them are inevitably going to believe it did go very wrong. But we worked very hard to keep House as House, and Cuddy as Cuddy, and never have them living happily ever after. One of our directives was always: less smiling. I never wanted to see either of them just content and happy."

You're pleased?   You kept House as House and Cuddy as Cuddy?  You don't seriously believe that do you?

None of us expected a "happily ever after" scenario and nor did we expect House's life to be sunshine and puppies but seriously, what we've been subjected to this season is well...beyond asshood.

As I stated in my recent blog about Lisa Edelstein's departure, you never gave it a chance.

While keeping House as House and Cuddy as Cuddy (or so you say), you forgot about something called character growth. You can't keep characters exactly the same for seven years, it gets BORING. Instead of working the relationship into the show gradually, it was thrown together hastily with the intent from the very beginning that it would not last. You had no intention of having them really try to make it work while intertwining it into all the other stuff going on in their lives and at the hospital. And when you had them together, there was no spark, no fire, it was just them playing like an old married couple. Seriously? Two people who have wanted to be together for some 20 years and that's how they act? The strong and confident Dean of Medicine gets pissed off over toothbrushes and toilet seats? The brilliant diagnostician whose bathroom is always in order uses his girlfriend's toothbrush and leaves a messy trail of toothpaste on the counter? Seriously? How lame can you get?  The way you have promoted House and Cuddy over the years in promos, photos, magazine and newspaper articles, in the end you just didn't do the relationship justice. Throwing in hints of a bad relationship revolving around trash, toothbrushes and toilet seats was just well...stupid. And what was worse is that you threw in the towel early on, deciding that instead of writing challenging storylines for these unique characters, you'd just toss in the old standby--you put House back on Vicodin. From the fans point of view, it was so easy to write. It's always easy to write what you've already done over and over again.We were not impressed. You could have done better. You should have done better.

We feel like we were sucker punched.

After so many years of watching two favorite characters banter their way around PPTH, you screwed it up. We could have handled them not being in a romantic relationship, we were fine with that for years. We enjoyed the banter, fighting, jokes, revenge and all the stuff that was House and Cuddy, not just between them but also as individuals, and with Wilson and the team. We were ok with what we had because it kept us wanting more. And despite the whole "people can't change" idea, the characters did change. Slowly over a period of time the characters were allowed to develop that is until you suddenly and unexpectedly decided to put the reigns on that. When you decided to put these longtime friends and colleagues into a  relationship for fourteen episodes (out of 152) you blew it all to pieces with some dumbass storyline and then afterwards it only got worse. The thing is, when you did this you destroyed much more than than the romance. In your ridiculous quest to prove "people can't change", you destroyed the dynamic of House and Cuddy, ruined the characters with a total lack of consistency, ignored the history of the characters, and threw in the old recycled storylines and other things that just made no sense at all. 

By mid-season millions of fans were left wondering, "WTF just happened?"

This isn't just about House and Cuddy, this goes beyond that. For seven years, you've brought the story of House, Cuddy, Wilson, the team and the patients of the week into our homes and we've been happily entertained. We've laughed and cried, been grossed out and even left in shock and awe. The characters for the most part were so incredibly well-written and even better than that they were so amazingly portrayed by great actors that we could actually begin to feel what the characters were feeling. That's when you know you've got a good thing--when you can feel what the characters are experiencing. Always at the end, we were left wanting more. But then you took it all away. You made our characters inconsistent with their history, stunted their growth, and took away the chemistry, excitement, suspense and the fun, leaving us with a shell of what once was. We feel like something's missing.

You erased whiteboard. Now it's just blank.

This is just not what I expected to happen to one of the best dramas in the history of television, and the most popular television show in the world. I don't think anyone else expected it either. This show, the amazing cast, the hardworking crew, and the fans who, have kept coming back week after week, deserved better.


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    Exactly! David Shore lost sight of what worked on the show. Like the white board, so much of what we loved just disappeared from sight. House the character is completely uninteresting to me at this point. He's become a complete and utter disappointment. I miss the cranky guy with a soft heart who took great pains to hide his feelings beneath an exterior of indifference. Now all we have is a jerk with no mystique. Plus, the missing Cuddy character from s.8 leaves a void many fans can't ignore. It'll be anemic at best. I won't bother to watch.

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