Saturday, May 21, 2011

Herman Cain throws his hat in the ring...

The first time I heard Herman Cain speak, he was filling in as host for Neal Boortz's show while Neal was on vacation. I really enjoyed listening to Herman because his thoughts and actions seemed to be based on common sense. Being a common sense person myself, I appreciate that. At the time I first began listening to him, I had no idea he was a Republican, I figured he was a Libertarian or Independent, after all, it was not often that I heard such common sense out of the mouths of Republicans--or Democrats for that matter. The more I listened to Herman Cain the more I liked him. He seemed like a decent man with honesty and integrity and I truly admired that he came from a simple background and worked hard for what he wanted in life.  I admired his courage in overcoming cancer and not letting it get him down. I often said he should run for political office because I think he speaks a lot of common sense and can relate to the average American.

While Herman Cain is a common sense type of man, he does believe in some of the same ideals as the Republican party. That doesn't necessarily bother me because I vote for the person, not the party. That's first and foremost in my book. There are certain Republican platform issues I do not agree with and one of those is abortion. I am neither conservative or liberal in this case, I am simply for less government involvement in the private lives of individuals--period. Cain is against abortion in all cases. Now, one thing I can say about him is that at least he's consistent. There are a number of Republicans and Democrats who are anti-abortion but in order  to get support from both sides, they concede that it's ok in certain cases. In my opinion, there is no gray area. You are either ok with it in all cases or you are not ok with it in any case. The fact that Herman Cain is steadfastly against abortion in all cases gives him a lead in my opinion because at least he is unwilling to compromise his principles. His stance may cost him votes from more moderate Republicans and from Independents or Libertarians but a person of principle doesn't compromise their core beliefs in exchange for votes. If your beliefs cost you an election, I say so be it. At least people can't question your integrity.

Cain favors immigration reform which includes stricter border controls and doing something positive about dealing with the illegal immigrants already here. By use of the word positive I mean that he undrstands we have a situation that we need to deal with and fighting over it year after year does nothing to solve the problem. Sure it's frustrating that there are so many illegal aliens in this nation, but we can't just put them on trucks and send them back home, we have to bite the bullet and do something even if it means putting them through the process and assimilating them into this nation. In the meantime we should be shoring up our borders. Both can be done simultaneously.

Hermain Cain supports abolishing the IRS and federal income taxes and I can't imagine anyone who thinks we can't come up with a better tax system than what we have now. The Fair Tax, with its flaws, would essentially make the government more accountable to us, particularly as it is a consumption based tax. This idea has both its strengths and weaknesses but all ideas should be on the table for serious consideration. Besides, the idea of taxing people on their hard-earned wealth seems to become more and more ridiculous as time goes on. It's hardly even close to fair.

Herman Cain also supports a strong national defense which I agree completely because in this day and age as much as we would all like to see some peace for a change, there is an evil element out there waiting for our defenses to be let down so they can strike us hard. We may not be able to come back from the next one as fast as we did 9/11. I don't want us to go to war, but I do want us to be prepared in case we are attacked or in case we need to defend our allies. A strong national defense is necessary in this day. Closing bases and reducing our Armed Forces is not in our best interests, in fact it could come back to haunt us.

We still have a lot we want to know about this man including his views on foreign policy which in my opinion is probably dealbreaker with many voters. We'll wait and see.The big question many people may have now is

"What makes Cain different from the others?"

...and that remains to be seen. Now that his hat is in the ring we can learn more about him.  I do know I love to hear the man speak because he is a great orator. But while words are good, actions are great. Cain, a successful businessman and talk radio host, doesn't have any experience in office so we don't have a political track record to look at here. All we can do is listen to him and try our best to analyze the political rhetoric. I don't know how much the American people put into political experience as a prerequisite for the Presidency anymore but for many it's becoming evident it doesn't matter. Whether or not a candidate though can get his or her party's nomination without any political experience remains to be seen. I question whether or not the Republican party would wholly support Herman Cain. We do know he is a favorite with the Tea Party and when I say Tea Party, I mean the common sense average grassroots Americans who support the cause because they are disgusted with the inadequacy and inefficiency of the two major parties. The true Tea Party supporters aren't radical or racist, they are middle-ground, common sense people, not so inclined to side with party but rather with person. They almost sound like Independents. In fact, a great deal of people I know who are Tea Party supporters are actually registered Independents or Libertarians. Herman Cain is very popular with those folks right now for a reason.

I think Herman Cain is a good man, I've never doubted that. I appreciate his working class background and how hard he worked to be successful. I admire that he stands with his principles even when I may disagree with him, and I am proud of his strength and courage in battling his illness. I love his oratory skills and I like his energy and his determination. Only time will tell if he has what it takes to even get the nomination.  The good news is he's not Huckabee, Romney, Bachmann, Palin or God help us...Newt Gingrich. That alone gives him points ahead in my book.

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  1. Anonymous5/24/2011

    Hi Jess! I love Herman Cain. I can definitely back him for President. The thing that I like the most about him is integrity. He says what he believes and stands by it. I want someone who will be honest with the American people. The fact that he is not a politician is only a plus in my book. For years people have been whining that all politicians are corrupt. If that be the case, why don't we start by electing someone who has not spent his life as a politician but rather as a business man actually creating some wealth in this country.~ST