Thursday, May 19, 2011

House 7x23 "Moving On" Finale Global Promo and speculation

After viewing the House Season 7 finale Global Promo, I have a speculation.

Obviously "Moving On" continues where "After Hours" left off. House is still in the hospital after the surgery to remove the tumors and repair the damage he did from his own self-surgery.

While he is recovering from surgery, House has one or more dreams and in them he is attempting to inflict harm upon Cuddy out of anger, maybe directed at her or perhaps himself for the way things have gone in his life recently. He dreams he pushes her into a wall, yells at her and crashes a car into her house (among other things we haven't seen yet). We know House, he would never do things like this in his rational mind.

Eventually House wakes up, still in the hospital and he remembers the dream where he hurt or possibly even killed Cuddy and maybe even himself and that's when he realizes that his lifestyle choices after the breakup are headed to a very tragic ending for both of them. That's when he tells Cuddy that he is making changes and that he wants to go back to the way things were before they started dating, because at least back then they had their longtime friendship.

The "You can never go back" reference may have a couple of meanings.

First and foremost, it may be that House finally comes to realize that if he hurts the one person he loves most in the world, he can never go back to the way things were for them, all the years of friendship they've had from their college days to just before the breakup. House would rather have that friendship with her than lose her forever. Not to mention that if he were to harm her, not only would he lose her but he would lose everything he has in his life including his license, his career and the only other friend he really has--Wilson.

Second, the "You can never go back"  may also refer to the idea that given all they've been through recently they may never be able to go back to being a couple again. Rather than continuing to hurt each other and rather than House risk losing Cuddy from his life forever and even losing his own life, they both decide to "Move on" to being friends and colleagues again. Essentially this is an opportunity to make amends and House to move on and fix his life and finally alleviate the burden of worries he's placed on both Cuddy and Wilson since the breakup. Now, the hard part begins but it's up to him.

BTW,  if we're wondering where the POTW fits into this, it is possible that the POTW case is in his head, in fact it may be part of him trying to work out his problems. He's trying to figure out how to fix his life and the POTW is really him. Remember the elephant he holds in his lap in the promo photo? Could be that this is actually a representation of "the elephant in the room" you know the big problem everyone tries hard not to notice? Well the elephant may be House himself and he finally sees it. 

Based on what we've seen in the promos, we're led to believe House is going to do some pretty bad things. But we know if he does, he'll wind up in jail, lose his medical license and lose both Wilson and Cuddy forever. That can't happen, otherwise there's no House in Season 8. Remember, things are not always as they seem in the promos and this could especially be true considering the POTW who tells House "this is a case tailor made for you" and "you don't know which symptoms are real and which are not".  To me, these are hints.

Watching the promo gave me hope for House the man because I really want to see him work hard to try and better himself and get over his misery, but it also makes me sadder than ever that Lisa Edelstein is leaving because she is such an integral part of House's world, both personally and professionally. Season 8 would be awesome with her and I cannot imagine her not being a part of it. I still hold out hope that she and Fox Broadcasting will somehow come to a compromise which works for both sides and brings her back. 

We can only hope.


Oh by the way another "sneak peek" was released after I made my initial post and in all fairness, it may force my theory to change somewhat given what's in the promo below doesn't look like the conversation they have about going back to where they were before dating takes place at the end, after some big dream. I don't know what to think now. See for yourself.

And here's two more that just came in while we're at it.

Could all of this still be in House's head? Is it still a possibility? Could he entire season or half a season, perhaps since Bombshells been a dream? House in a coma from some sort of accident? I mean seriously do we think House, in a rational state of mind could try to kill or harm Cuddy by running his car through her house?

Oy vey.
That is so NOT "Moving on" and so NOT in line with what we saw him wanting to do in the last episode.


  1. that´s very interesting..
    and it makes sense that House would dream or hallucinate the car crash/explosion..

    now that Lisa isn´t coming back idk if there´s any point in speculating.. BUT.. i don´t think they could go back to just being friends.. they would never forget what happened between them as a couple.. they love each other.. they should be together..

    maybe they could go back in being civilized with each other.. and then, perhaps in the future they could be together again.. but now it´s kind of pointless.. =/

  2. Anonymous5/19/2011

    In all honesty I think the dream/hallucination thing goes all the way back to Now What? There were clues to that effect in the 'Get Happy' dream sequence in 'Bombshells' with the giant stills from NW in the background. Also the way House predicts the end of their relationship right down to her realizing that he is 'an insane choice for a kid' with Rachel referring to tablets as candy.

    My guess is that something happened between 'Now What' and 'Selfish' which starts off with that worrying and prolonged reference to the 'death cane'. Since then we've had numerous clues such as the presence of that virtual reality game from 'Epic Fail' in 'Massage Therapy' and 'Bombshells' and then camera focusing on the feet of the coma patient who House has placed on the floor, literally putting himself in their position in 'Changes'. (Aside from that, every single patient this season has seemed to reflect House in some way.)

    As to what actually happened the POTW in 'The Fix' gave me an idea. The 'crazy boyfriend' reference struck a chord with me and I realised that we'd heard it once before in 'The Dig' when 13 asked if Cuddy was still seeing Lucas. What if Lucas didn't react as well to Cuddy dumping him as we were led to believe, didn't skulk off and actually decided to take some revenge on both his ex and her new boyfriend? Maybe this has somehow been wiped from House's memory as a result of accident and his subconscious is gradually trying to put the pieces of the puzzle back together before the big reveal. The POTW/performance artist reeks of her being representational of House's subconscious.

    The promo pics of House leaving somewhere with that hairbrush make me think that he's testing to see if someone's been poisoned. I don't think it's Cuddy, but what if Julia was babysitting and accidently ingested something that was meant for her. It would explain her and her husband's presence in the finale. It might also explain why House is so royally hacked off in the other promo and ends up taking his frustrations out on completely the wrong person: if someone's tried to kill your girlfriend then I imagine you be pretty annoyed. Similarly it just doesn't make sense that he would drive straight into her House unless a. there's something medically wrong with him or b. his car's been sabotaged.

    I do think this ep is a mixture of flashbacks and coma dreams.

    No matter what though, the whole 'You can never go back' thing in the promo makes me think that exactly the opposite is true and that we are indeed going to end up going back.

  3. Anonymous5/19/2011

    Love your spec and hope it turns out like this. Using the dramatic situations to make House realize that he needs to change is the only way I see them working..also, House said in last ep. that he knew things needed to change. Crashing into Cuddy's house and being violent just doesn't add up.
    Can't imagine Fox not working out a deal with LisaE since House S08 is (to me) unthinkable without her. Guess we'll know by Tuesday..

  4. Spoilerchicka5/19/2011

    Jess, I hope to see something positive happen but being this is a finale, I'm expecting House will have done the things we see in the promos. AND have this end on a suspenseful cliff-hanger note. We know from promos that House steals (presumably) Cuddy's hairbrush (can you get DNA to find out if someone is/was pregnant at some point?). House erupts in anger at Cuddy maybe due to what's found in the hairbrush OR due to frustration over the weirdo performance artist mocking him as the POTW and takes it out on Cuddy, grabbing her roughly,slamming her against the wall. Wilson and House go to see Cuddy presumably for House to apologize? Cuddy's sister answers and tells him to leave, Cuddy won't see him. In crazed frustration, House gets back into his car w/o Wilson and drives it into Cuddy's home to get her attention but inadvertently harms Cuddy's sister or sister's husband who was in that specific room. Cuddy loses it, is afraid of House and wants him gone from her life because he's finally gone too far, acting crazy and dangerous. Cuddy wants House in jail if he tries anything more. Maybe she is hiding something from him? Or is it she's still hurting from his green-card marriage fiasco to hurt her back? Either way, I fully expect House's bizarre behavior will be explained by yet another tumor from the lab-rat meds (the set-up from "After Hours") but this time the tumor is in his brain. Will House die? go to jail? will the tumor be operable? Will he be fired? Is he losing his mind due to the tumor? That's the cliffhanger I'm guessing.

  5. What seems to be taking place in the episode is sooo bizarre. House just had MAJOR surgery in the hospital where he couldn't even walk by himself to the bathroom. How could he, in such a short time span go from that to walking with his cane? What's with the beach? The hairbrush? And the POTW just seems to be something that would come right from House's own subconscious.

    Besides as someone else mentioned House going the opposite direction totally go against what we just saw in the last episode.

    In a spoiler thread I posted elsewhere awhile back, TV Guide reported "the finale will tie up loose ends, though not necessarily for the guy who needs it most. "House has been on a razor's edge ever since breaking up with Cuddy so the finale is really an internal drama for him" says Shore,"He's making sense of what it meant to fall after trying so hard to be normal and striving to be happy this season."

    So, the finale may tie up loose ends like a resolution to the emotional issues, but for House, in his life he still has a long way to go to get to the point where he's no longer self destructive. Yeah that could take an entire season. We're not talking about a Happy House at the end of S8, but a less miserable House but getting better for himself instead of leaning on Vicodin and others (Wilson, Cuddy) as a crutch.

    My hope is that somehow someway Fox gets Lisa back because they can't carry out the storyline the way it should be carried out, without her. It leaves a huge gaping hole in the story and the world of the main character..House.