Tuesday, May 24, 2011

[H]ouse, M.D. Season 7: How did we get from there to here?

I just got home from work and I don't know why I was even thinking about this because I have so much other stuff on my mind but it hit me and I have to talk about it. This is the perfect place to do this. I just needed to vent with others who would appreciate and understand how I feel about this. I'm just moody lately so forgive me...

How did we go from the first five years of House--bantering, button-pushing, sexual innuendos, funny acts of revenge, arguments, push and pull, power struggles and all we've seen between House and Cuddy to this?

During Season 6, how did go from watching House admit himself into Mayfield because he was going over the edge and see him come back strong and determined to try and find a meaningful life, to trying to get Cuddy, even admitting to her at the dance that he wanted a relationship with her 20 years ago and has always cared for her, to this?

How did we go from Cuddy dumping her fiance to seek the love of her life with House, to this?

In Season 7, how did we go from Cuddy and House's confessions of "I love you" and Cuddy's "You're the most incredible man I've ever known, You will always BE the most incredible man I've ever known", and the beautiful and heated consummation of their 20 year love, to this?

How did we go from their holding hands, love contracts and playfulness in "Selfish", to this?

How did we go from peace penguins, their "date" at the writer's house, having a blast go-karting, Cuddy smelling like House's cologne, House actually choosing to say the right thing to the patient at the end (for Cuddy), and Cuddy telling House who was worried they had nothing in common but sex, "Who cares about common? Common is boring. I like being with you. You make me better. Hopefully, I make you better. What we have is... uncommon and I've never been happier." in "Unwritten" to this?

How did we go from the happy exchange of sex for babysitting in "Unplanned Parenthood" to this?

How did we go from playing video games together, House compromising his hooker-masseuse for a PT of Cuddy's choosing, Cuddy asking him to spend the night at her House spending time with her AND Rachel, and them having a nice quiet dinner together, just the three of them, in "Massage Therapy", to this?

How did we go from a kiss and Cuddy slapping House on the ass affectionately in "Office Politics" to this?

How did we go from two people in love staring at each other through a thick pane of glass not knowing if House would die and if they would ever touch each other again in "A Pox on our House" to this?

How did we go from House telling Cuddy she looks stunning, apologizing to her and admitting his fears about truth and them making up in "Small Sacrifices" to this?

How did we go from the antics of "Larger than Life" with House drugging Wilson and Cuddy's mom so they could have a peaceful night together, the two of them washing dishes listening to classical music, Cuddy snuggling up to House and telling him "You are a sweet, sweet man" and Arlene telling House she knows he loves Cuddy and is good for her, to this?

How did we go from House's unorthodox but well-intentioned assisting of Rachel so she could get into the prestigious preschool, then bonding with Rachel in the end, in "Carrot or Stick" to this?

How did we go from Cuddy trusting House with complete control of her mother's medical care to House, House sacrificing his own career to save Cuddy's mom and his confession to Cuddy that someday, a week, a year from now she would look at the man sleeping beside her and blame him for her mother's death in "Family Practice", the way he helped her stand up to her mother and face her fears, and the look they gave each other over the hospital bed, to this?

How did we go from a cute scene of Cuddy and House in her bedroom, just talking, enjoying each other's company and Cuddy trying to convince House he deserves to be happy in "You Must Remember This" to this?

How did we go from House's admission of "I need her in my life" and his "new toothbrush" in "Two Stories" to this?

How did we go from House's drunken (but honest) confession that he would choose Cuddy over EVERYTHING else in life, in "Recession Proof" to this?

We know why and how it happened. I really have enjoyed this show and believe it or not during stressful times these last few years it has taken the edge off. I've laughed, screamed, cried and laughed again watching it. I guess the acting was so good I felt connected to the characters, it was refreshing. So I suppose seeing it ripped apart really bothers me. I know I'm not the only one....

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