Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Only Gregory House could perform surgery on himself in a bathtub and make it look cool...

[H]ouse episode 7x22 "After Hours" was a pretty damn fine episode, one of the better ones this season. And I say that with "all the love in the world" because the last episode I actually enjoyed the hell out of was 7x10 "Family Practice" which was simply excellent.

Who else would put himself on an experimental drug tested only on lab rats, in an effort to heal his pain? Only Gregory House could do it, wind up with tumors in his leg and try to remove the tumors on his own. If that episode doesn't win Hugh an Emmy I swear I'll throw myself under a bus. Hugh once again played the part brilliantly, it seems for him playing "House" is second-nature. From the moment he found out about the rats dying to the very end, I was hooked. Every scene he was in was just so masterfully done. And the look on Cuddy's face when she saw him in the tub with all that blood. Priceless.

House prepares to perform surgery on his right leg to remove the tumors

I like the little we get in the way of House and Cuddy banter here, especially in the car. Of course it was House who got Rachel interested in that "filthy" pirate cartoon! Cuddy told House in "Now What" she didn't want him to change. But she did want him to bond with her daughter, especially evident in "Massage Therapy" when she asks him to stay over at her house. So while we didn't see it onscreen, it happened. Apparently more often than not, House bonded with little Rachel Cuddy. So it's not perfection. Did Cuddy expect that House would have tea with her and the dollies and play dressup and take her to ballet? Seriously? House bonded with Rachel and Cuddy never even knew it. Seems such a shame.  

In regards to trust, House really did come a long way when he told Cuddy he trusts her. That speaks volumes for a man like House.  His trust issues have always been at the heart of matters. I think it may have begun early on but with Stacy it magnified. Stacy was responsible for making sure the doctors did what he wanted after the infarction but she went behind his back and essentially took all control away from him and ruined his life, or at least that's how he sees it. When he tells Cuddy he wants her in the operating room he is willfully handing over control over his health and his life to her, meaning he knows if they remove his leg, it will only be if Cuddy says it's ok and that there's no other choice.

The note from Rachel to House was priceless. I also believe that the note was from Cuddy too. Love the "bloody scalawag" and you know children see things so clearly that's why Rachel loves House, because she sees him for who he is, not for who she wants him to be, as is the case with everyone else. It was so clear when Rachel told her mother she missed House and wished he could come over and play with her, that he had a tremendous positive impact on the little girl and he does care about her. If Cuddy really didn't want House going over there to play with Rachel she would have made up some excuse but she didn't. Clearly she wants House back in her life again.I was hopeful that is.....until I watched the promo. I was thrilled after the episode and angry after the promo.

I watched the last minute or so of the [H]ouse writers Vlog for "After Hours" (I hate vlogs since Bombshells, I really don't want to know why they do things they do!) and I need some clarification. Lerner and Friend imply that last night's ep was supposed to be the original finale (which in my book would have been GREAT!) but that because there were unresolved emotional issues which is why they came up with a 23rd episode. But others have told me that Fox told TPTB they wanted an additional episode, hence #23.

If they were originally going to go out with unresolved emotional issues in the original finale (22) and move on to them next season, why is there the need to "resolve" anything in 23?

So...if this is true and 22 was supposed to be the original finale, then the coma/dream sequence thing was never a part of the plan, meaning...they had to come up with some to resolve things in ep. 23. But if they were originally going to leave things hanging in ep 22 as the original finale, why not do that and carry over the unresolved issues to Season Eight? To try and "wrap things up" in 23 makes no sense. IF in fact that is their goal. G/L make it seem the purpose of #23 is resolve the unresolved.

This can only go one of four ways:

1) They have House really REALLY f*ck up and it ends everything with Cuddy and with Wilson permanently. This means no friendship, no relationship with either of them. Then we're left with House in Season 8, alone AGAIN and miserable AGAIN, with no hope AGAIN, which goes totally and completely against what we saw take place not only with he and Rachel but with he and Wilson at the very end of "After Hours." (Not to mention it goes against his desire to clearly make his life better). House knows he has to change, and yeah he even wants to change. He just has to figure out how. Assaulting Cuddy and trying to harm her in "Moving on" isn't going to do that for him, if anything it will RUIN him. If he does assault her or harm her he winds up in jail. If he winds up screwed up in the head he goes back to Mayfield. Either way he loses his license, he loses the two people that mean the most to him and he loses EVERYTHING. And then we're left with 22 episodes of the same old miserable House in Season 8. I'm so over this misery thing already.

2) House comes to his senses and he and Cuddy talk and try to find themselves again. This means admitting their fears, weaknesses, their need for each other and try to go back to a place where they can work things out. They both try to change, with the help and support of one another. It will not be easy but they do have some commonalities, a BIG one is Rachel, who initially was seen as an obstacle really could be what brings them back together.

3) House does something extraordinary from pure self sacrifice which makes Cuddy realize he really wants to change...which essentially changes everything for them, especially House.

4) Whether a 23rd ep was in the original plan or not, Shore uses brilliant writing to make "Moving On" essentially inside House's Head. Who knows? Maybe he went into shock and a coma during his surgery on his leg? Perhaps he died for a few minutes during surgery? Maybe he's dreaming the events in this last episode and his brain is trying to solve the puzzle, making up this POTW but really it's himself? Seems to me in the promo that the POTW is using him, targeted him specifically and may be filming it all as her latest show. This could be the one puzzle House can't solve, he's trying to determine what is real and what is not....seems to parallel his own life doesn't it?

There are so many questions about 23 already. How is House able to move about with just his cane such a short time after surgery? What is with the elephant? The beach scenes? The hairbrush? Why is House even treating a patient when clearly he lacks good judgment right now and needs a psych consult? Is this crash at her house really a car driven by House and if so, is he trying to wake himself up from this dream? (Of course sources say it's not House that's actually in the car when it crashes). And why, WHY on earth would House ever assault Cuddy? Even on his darkest days he's never hurt her physically. Yes, he's desperate and he loves this woman more than anything but it doesn't make sense with what we just saw in the #22 especially when he tells her "I trust YOU! In a sense, he just basically forgave Cuddy for what happened during the infarction. He never came out and blamed her but he threw it in her face a few times and I am sure she feels guilty. By placing his complete trust in her, he was able to hand over some control over his life and put it in her hands. Huge step for House.

I promise I will remain hopeful. But...if they do #1, if they take House down that long lonely miserable road YET again, if they take away from him the two people who mean the most to him, if they give him no hope, I'm done with the show. Because frankly as awesome as Lisa, Hugh and Bob are, I can't watch my favorite show without having their dynamic. Enough is enough. I don't care how riveting the POTW cases, if they lose the House/Cuddy/Wilson dynamic, what they used to have together, I'm done.

I feel like the characters I've seen this season are not the characters of a few years ago. That means PEOPLE DO CHANGE despite what Shore wants us to believe. I may not have liked the direction of some of the changes but we can't deny there's been change. Ok so if you can change and go downhill, you can change and go uphill.

Last night's ep ended on a positive note, there's HOPE and then BAM! there's this promo and then the writers tell us the purpose of #23 is to resolve unresolved emotional issues. I don't know what to believe. I am just tired of the same old misery crap.

Now I can't believe they could go from the positive note we were left with in last night's episode to yet another downward spiral next week. I can't believe that everything that happened last night to "wake House up" could be for nothing, that it meant nothing. I can't believe House, no matter how deep his pain, no matter how desperate he is, could ever hurt Cuddy. I know TPTB are trying to show us this dark House but seriously...I hold out hope that the last few minutes of "Moving On" will bring us back just like they did in "Help Me". We were ALL expecting the worst at the end of "Help Me" were we not? I know I was on the edge of my seat shouting, "OMG don't take the pills!" The finales for seasons 2, 4, 5, and 6 were riveting and the finales of seasons 5 and 6 totally surprised me, but in a good way.

I just don't want to be played. I've watched this show since the beginning and I would like to continue watching to the end of the series. I just want to enjoy what's left of it.

Guess we'll see next week!

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  1. Is the pirate cartoon that House showed Rachel a real show? If so, what is it?