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With [H]ouse the more things "change" the more they say the same...

In this episode "Changes" 7x20, there were some depressing undertones. It was kind of sad. I saw a lot of parallels between House and the POTW. Both constantly searching for what makes them happy, what completes them, yet really it's right under their nose. When the POTW was reminded at the beginning that he keeps digging in the past to find happiness, meanwhile there's a whole world out there that can give him pleasure. Same thing applies to House, he's so miserable mostly having to do with this past, he can't let go and misses out on what's right under his nose, mostly a life with the one woman he loves more than anyone or anything.

House & Cuddy in a rare moment (not fighting) discussing her mother

I don't think House has lost all hope, at least not yet. He's hurting, as his Cuddy but even though he told Arlene he and Cuddy weren't getting back together, I don't think he believes it, not really. I do think he and Cuddy are scared to death of having "the conversation" about where to go from here because they still love each other and I don't think they really want to let go. They think they can but they can't. Facing each other would mean one of two things can happen: either they split permanently and accept it (which neither can do, not in their hearts) or they get back together and make it work (which scares them because they know how it feels to break up). So as long as they don't have to deal with it, everything is ok the way it is, even if it sucks. I do think what Wilson told House about keeping the negative banter alive because without it there would be nothing between he and Cuddy at all, was right on. He doesn't just love her and need her in a romantic way, he needs her in his life period.

Seems to me a door is being left open for them. House doesn't deny to Wilson that he still loves Cuddy though he deflects by saying that he's happier without her and better off alone which we all know is a lie. Cuddy's mother pretty much told House and Cuddy what everyone else already knows--nobody else can put up with them, which is true. I mean let's face it, TPTB have created two very dysfunctional characters. And for these two what they had together was still a thousand times better than what they have now apart. They're never going to find what they had together with anyone else. Cuddy doesn't deny in coma guy's room that she still cares about House when pointed out by Wilson. And Cuddy tells her mom in so many words it would take more than a "common enemy" to get her and House together. Add to that Arlene telling her daughter she is an idiot with impossible standards and the fact that when Cuddy turned around after hugging her mother, hoping that what just transpired may give some closure to her and House, he was gone, meaning there is no closure, things aren't finished yet. I don't think things can ever really be finished between them.

I enjoyed a few good lines between them, I loved the interaction between House-Cuddy-Wilson-Arlene. But...something is missing between House and Cuddy and that's the fun, sexy, flirtatious, witty banter they used to share. Now, it's just bitter. This isn't the same House and Cuddy I remember from prior seasons. Heck it's not even who I remember early on this season. The banter between House and Cuddy has lost its edge and that sucks. One of the great things about these two is how they need each other. Cuddy needs House to push her and challenge her to be not just a great administrator but a great doctor. He makes her better and makes her stronger and tougher which a woman like Cuddy needs to be. In turn, Cuddy gives House boundaries, she's been able to take his crap and push back, restrain him, reign him in. They used to be SO GOOD AT THIS and they both knew it. Now? It's gone. In order for the series to survive another season they need to get this back. We can't go through another season of bitterness and tension, not like this, no way.

The episode was about changes but I didn't see much in regards to change, in fact what I saw was very much of the same. In the end, Foreman and Chase didn't change, Thirteen has resigned herself to a life of misery while awaiting her impending death, House is still miserable, as is Cuddy, and Arlene is still shifty as hell. The POTW was able to move on with his life when the great love of his life returned at the end. Is that change? Well, instead of finding someone new, he was adamant about a relationship with the old flame, which was rekindled. Maybe it wasn't really change at all.

Change is hard. We are who we are, just like Thirteen told House. But that doesn't mean a person can't be happy. House is who he is because of the experiences he's had in his life, but it doesn't mean he has to be miserable. Cuddy clearly made him happy--at least the House version of happy. And while Cuddy can't change either, or it so appears, House made her happy, at least however she defines it. Change is different for everyone. The changes these two have to make in order to be together are alleged to be BIG changes, but is this really the case? Do these two have to make monumental changes in their lives to just enjoy what they give each other? I know Cuddy had told House early on she didn't want him to change, but maybe she wanted him to want to change once he realized how happy he was with her. It's not that he didn't want to change, he was afraid. He could have really used her by his side to help him through that. And Cuddy, well she is afraid to let her guard down and just be in love, let someone else take control for awhile, making her also afraid. But she could have let House be there for her to help her get through that. It doesn't have to be painful, not at all. But these two are so screwed up they can't see it.

It will never be over for House and Cuddy, unless one of them dies. We can thank TPTB for that and I think that's a good thing. TPTB have given us many years of wonderful House and Cuddy that we have come to love them. We love their more than 20 year history and all they have shared during that time. We think about people in our own lives who we known that long and wonder what life would be like without them. That history between House and Cuddy is the basis for a deep emotional attachment that can't be broken, not even by all they have been through recently.

As to the next episode, I don't know what to think about the 7x21 promo because that looks like Meth or Heroin (not having seen either maybe someone can clear that up?) and if this isn't a case of a misleading promo that has nothing to do with House taking street drugs and if it has nothing to do with him once again using himself as a guinea pig in an effort to diagnose the POTW, then I'm going to be angry. Why? Isn't it enough that TPTB threw House back on Vicodin because it's easy to write since we've been through it before, but throwing him on street drugs? Now they can argue that House is so depressed, so miserable and sad that he has lost all hope and doesn't want to live anymore....then this might as well be the end for House. Wasn't hitting rock bottom after losing two colleagues and his father, plus the DBS which caused a brain injury in trying to save Amber, in addition to an overload of the no longer effective Vicoding, all of which sent him to Mayfield Psychiatric Hospital enough?

Good grief. At what point does House get a break?

If TPTB are trying to show us that people can hit rock bottom, hey we get that. If they want to show us that people have a real hard time changing, we get that too. We also get that our experiences make us who we are and that some things, like genetic makeup, make it hard to change. Yes, we are ALL dysfunctional, so we can relate to House. The thing is that this isn't what we want. Oh we don't mind House facing challenges and being a misanthropic, sarcastic, rude pain in the ass but seriously he deserves better than this as do his partners in crime Cuddy and Wilson, who are in my opinion highly underutilized. And not only do our favorite characters deserve BETTER than this but so do the magnificent actors who portray them, and the people who work behind the scenes to make this show great, and ultimately the loyal fans who keep coming back for more week after week despite the lack of continuity in characters and sometimes lack of a compelling storyline. The [H]ouse we know and love, which is still one of the most watched television programs in the world, should be nothing short of brilliant every single week.

Once again though kudos to Hugh, Lisa and Bob for giving us more fine performances!

One more thing...

I am hoping like hell that TPTB are fooling us and plan to give us a spectacular finale which explains everything we've seen these past couple of months, does us proud and proves us wrong in our assumptions!

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