Sunday, June 05, 2011

I can't make heads or tails of this dream, but then neither will you...

I'm known far and wide for my outrageous dreams, I've come to accept them as just a part of who I am. Every night it's something incredible and so vivid. I normally remember nearly everything. The dream I had last night was so vivid. I should have written about it when I woke up at 4 am this morning because I've forgotten so much about it now. Here's what I do remember for now and if more comes to me I'll add it in.

There were a whole bunch of people I knew, we were divided into teams and we had to solve this puzzle which consisted of many tiers, many layers, different questions and we moved around a lot finding the answers. It was a brutal and very stressful competition.

There was a lot of fighting among members of my team.

Towards the end of the competition, there was one final puzzle we hd to solve. We were standing in front of this glass encased booth, like a ticket booth at a movie theatre. There was this slot that opened and you had to crawl up into it and it was small and there was no way we could fit up there. It was like a tunnel of sorts.

I remember time limits on answering some questions.

In the end, we were in a stadium in Miami which is where the competition was held and it was after dark and my team, the winning team, could not get out because the stadium was locked up. I tried to find a phone to call my dad to see if he could get someone to let us out.

I think I recall us being scared about something. Someone was out to get us. I was really anxious to get out of that stadium. 

I wound up getting in touch with someone from maintenance on the inside of the stadium to let us out. Took forever to get out of the stadium, we were walking down these ramps.

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  1. You could fill a book with these!