Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Mouse Hunt Day #1: Mouse 1, Me 0

It was a peaceful day, the kind of day where you get a lot of stuff done at work and nobody bothers you with stupid questions. That was the kind of day I had except for the fact that I had forgotten to take my medication (Effexor) which left me slightly discombobulated by 3 pm. Bad idea to forget to take your daily meds! And let's just say it's a good thing nobody messed with me today.

Anyway, around 7pm I needed to take a claritin because my allergies were bothering me. I opened my nightstand and am greeted by a OMFG--MOUSE! Yes, a mouse and not the life size one that bebops around Disney either. This was a little bitty mouse crawling around in my stuff. There was a shredded kleenex in the drawer. I screamed. Yes, I did. What did you expect me to do? It's a mouse in my house for pete's sake. Did I mention it was in my NIGHTSTAND drawer? That sits next to my bed!?!

So we did what any normal folks would do when faced with rodents in places they should not be--like MY NIGHTSTAND DRAWER---we dragged the heavy wood nightstand out into the kitchen and onto the back porch. Proceeded to dump the contents out of the drawers and little mouse guy ran away. Ok fine, picked up all the stuff, dumped most of it and cleaned the drawers and put back in the room. Go to the other nightstand and notice there's droppings in it so we have to clean it too. I'm pissed because now I'm behind schedule but I deal with it. And oh by the way I did finally take my medication!

Let's see if the little bastard returns....where is Nathan Lane when I need him? LOL

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