Friday, June 03, 2011

Hey David Shore, we seem to have missed the punchline...

If I tell a joke to one person and they don't get it, it could be that either they are an idiot or I didn't tell it right.

If I tell that joke to 20 million people and they don't get it, chances are I'm the idiot.

Wouldn't you agree?

Right now millions of [H]ouse fans aren't getting David Shore's "joke" which means he's the idiot. Apparently Shore didn't tell the "joke" right because never in the history of this series has there been a fan backlash like what has come to be with the Season 7 finale. Sure we might have thought the finale was awesome, but that is in acting only. The acting on part of our lead characters was pure brilliant as always. But...we just didn't like the way the finale played out. It just seemed like a dream and completely wrong. 

Shore once said that he doesn't base storylines on what the fans want to see. To a point I can go along with that. The fans want different things and certainly he can't please everyone. However, when you take the lead character and turn him from hero to antihero then it's pretty serious. Right now as it stands with a majority of fans who are making their voices known, though Hugh has portrayed House brilliantly in every episode for seven years, the character House is no longer redeemable. He's done the unthinkable. Since "Bombshells", he's gone to a dark place from which there is no return. In fact fans were so disgusted at the fall House was taking into this dreary place, we hoped that everything form Bombshells on was one big fat coma-induced dream. In fact, we are still hoping that the finale was a daydream concocted by House as he recovers from his leg surgery and his emotional issues during a lengthy sabbatical on a tropical island. Though Shore tells us recently that the finale was very real and that there will be personal, professional, and legal repercussions for House, common sense and logic tells longtime fans that there's no way for House to overcome this and keep the show in canon, if it's real.

Seven years of amazing brilliance has led us to this moment. All we can do is shake our heads and wonder how we got here from there.

The sad thing is that "Classic House" is gone forever. You remember "Classic House" right? The episodes we watched over and over again, the great lines and memorable moments we watch and recite over and over again. These were the days that were not so long ago...House being snarky as hell but lovable, the House-Wilson antics, the House-Cuddy tug of war, Wilson getting in between House and Cuddy, House messing with his team, House messing with the patients, clinic duty, a little piano playing, and riveting POTW stories. It was dramatic, mysterious and fun all wrapped up in one. House was a misanthropic jerk but we loved him, he was as funny as he was brilliant. The character is now just a shell of what he once was. And still Hugh makes it play out brilliantly. That's what makes him worth watching.

The only way we can get "Classic House" back is if Lisa Edelstein returns to the show, the character and POTW stories are made more challenging and stronger like they used to be, if the show returned to canon, and the events of the finale deemed not real. 

Shore and his people have been doing a lot of backpedaling recently and it has longtime fans wondering what's going on. In a recent interview Shore & Co. claim that the House/Cuddy story was an important force on the show and that many people tuned in because of it. If they openly admit now that the relationship since day one has been a driving force, why did they intentionally put the characters together to destroy it? House and Cuddy shared a longtime friendship since college. We remember the dynamic of earlier seasons. We hoped they would eventually get together. But had we known that it would end this way we would have much rather have things the way they were prior to Season 6. Those were the best House-Cuddy years.

If you take a look at all the promotion put into House and Cuddy's relationship in Season 7 it is simply unbelievable we find ourselves at this juncture. Photos, promos, articles about the House-Cuddy relationship were everywhere. Fox was promoting this thing like nothing else ever on [H]ouse. It just seems odd that all that promotion and six years of chemistry was just another story arc with a beginning, middle, and end. It just makes no sense. I've seen interviews with Lisa Edelstein from previous seasons and she was admittedly excited about her role as Cuddy and the longtime dysfunctional relationship (personal and professional) with House. I have to wonder if part of her reason for not returning (in addition to the contract issues) was indeed writing of her character this season, although Shore claims that is not the reason.

Shore and Yaitanes also claim that House was not intending to harm Cuddy when he drove his car into her house.  How are we supposed to know his intentions? Granted I don't think he intended to hurt anyone but that's just my opinion. Knowing the character as I do, I believe he'd hurt himself first before he hurt Cuddy or Rachel. He'd have to have lost his mind. But how can he be even temporarily insane if he walked away from the scene of the crime at the end and then high-tailed it to a foreign country? Obviously he knows what he did was wrong. So much for temporary insanity. Though the powers that be had House suffering serious hurt and depression in the last 7 episodes of the season, his character could have been capable of anything in that frame of mind. But why did they have to go there? It's just NOT the House we've grown to love over the past seven years. Turning our jerky hero into the unredeemable anti-hero makes no sense. It also alienates viewers. Even worse is that without Cuddy in Season Eight, there's not even a chance to undo this mess and make things right.

The writers have been doing interviews lately which appear to be justifying the stories they've been writing. A good story doesn't need justification, the writers don't need to explain their intentions. The story speaks for itself, as it has in the past. Seasons 1-5 were very funny, season 6 was pretty good although adding Lucas and making Cuddy less strong in character was a disaster. Season 7 had a few funny moments prior to the episode which changed everything, "Bombshells" and afterwards it was dark and dreary.

This backpedaling certainly speaks volumes but will all the explanations really matter? I don't think so. Shore says they have to figure out how to write Season Eight without Cuddy now that Lisa isn't returning to the show in the role up until as late as April she talked about how much she has loved and promoted widely (which leads us all to wonder what in hell happened in the negotiations?) and he talks about how Season 8 is going to be great and exciting and he's going to bring in a few new people to replace Cuddy. Nobody can replace Cuddy. She wasn't just Dean of Medicine, she was a vital part of the show, especially House's life both personally and professionally. The dynamic that once existed between House and Cuddy and even House, Cuddy and Wilson is gone forever. We have seen the last of fun times between House and Wilson and we have seen the last of the great banter and tug of war between House and Cuddy. Sure, the show is about House but it's also about all of the forces in his life and one of those big forces was Cuddy.

This mess is all Shore's fault, the buck stops with him. He really screwed up the punchline on this one leaving us all wondering WTF?


  1. That was right on, thanks!!!

  2. Anonymous6/06/2011

    I've watched the show many years and am so frustrated at the direction it has taken this season. Lisa Edelstein is so important to the show. She is an important influence in House's life.

  3. Well said. We're all asking ourselves some big questions here. Mine is "who's in charge?" because clearly whoever is in charge should be canned!