Monday, July 04, 2011

A great joint venture between two talented minds!

Just wanted to touch base and let you guys know that while I am still blogging independently I have launched into a joint venture with the lovely and talented HeidiAnne Myers Jackson from hip & sunny Southern California.

Our joint blog is called simply "HeidiAnne & Jess". You can find it at and you can follow us on twitter at @heidianne_jess. 

HeidiAnne and I are very opinionated, talkative and outgoing. We are as alike as we are different and that makes our blogging together a very interesting experience. We've just begun this and it's going a bit slow because we still have our independent blogs (you can find HeidiAnne's at and well with everything going on in our lives, it gets busy!

Please take the time to join us and offer your comments! 

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