Friday, July 22, 2011

If you know what this dream meant you win the grand prize because I sure as hell don't know.

I was driving my 1991 Pontiac Grand Am down a paved country road when it ran out of gas. (Haven't had this car in years but it was by far my favorite as it seemed to match my personality).

I wound up walking into Trenton looking for a bus stop. I'm roller skating (metal skates) down the street apparently looking for the bus stop and I stop at this place, maybe a retaurant or strip mall or something. I take off my skates and put them on this table along with someothing else I have and I start perusing the phone books. I'm looking for the phone number for someone with the name "Adams" a girl, a friend of mine I think.  I can't seem to find the number or the phone book with the right city in it that I need. I need to call her for a ride. I still have no quarters because I left my wallet in the car. A guy who I've been talking to is catching his bus and hands me a few quarters. I thought it was nice of him.

I leave the place where I'm at and start walking to find a bus stop but I realize miles later that I left my skates behind. Too late to go back and get them.Oh well.

I'm looking around the bus stop for the route that will take me home and I can't find one. There's a guy who gives me a couple of quarters so I can make a few phone calls home. I remember looking at the schedules and seeing a piece of paper with my mom and dad's name on it as if it was a separate route and typed on the paper was that my dad was supposed to drive the bus but never showed up for work, never signed a time card. he must have done it part time while working at the prison.

A car shows up and there's a bunch of people in it. Two of them are people I know, my sister Kim and my friend and colleague Sylvia. I had no idea they knew each other. I'm glad I finally found people who I know and I ask if they wouldn't mind dropping me at home later. I seem to separate myself from them awhile and then I go back to Sylvia's house. She has this pool in her basement, it's a stone pool and when I get there, someone is screaming at me to jump in and help. Apparently this girl is drowning in it. I jumped in and they told me there was a piece that goes onto a pipe that has to be placed back on so the water level would quit rising. I dove to the bottom of the stone pool and the piece was wedged in the rocks. I got it out and I placed it in the pump of the pool so the water would stop rising. Finally it did and the girl was saved.

later on,  we're in this store, Sylvia takes back a couple of bags, one is a quilt with a quote on it from some poet but she tells the saleslady that the quote is fictitious, the person never actually said it so she want her money back. In the meantime I'm sitting there waiting for these two. Finally I go outside and am eating something and waiting. Looking at Sylvia's old convertible to see if she and Kim are in it yet but they are not. Finally after what seemed like forever, they come outside. I figure they must have thought I was still in the store. They spot this guy and were like "uh oh" and immediately they jump in the car, not even bothering to use the doors and they motion for me too. It was wild as Sylvia was getting ready to drive off and I jumped into the car as it was moving. Apparently Sylvia had been a cop at some point in her life....I don't know how that came about, but she had been.

She drives the car down this street and then we're in this hallway and the guy catches up with us. He's in his forties maybe, with a mustache and he knows Kim and Sylvia and have been trying to avoid him. It seems like they may be in trouble for something. He doesn't ask who I am. Now we are outside this doctor's office and they go in, apparently he's injected them in the arm with some kind of truth serum and he turns to me to inject me and I tell him "no way whatever yo guys are talking about, I don't know anything so leave me out of it and he does. But we're at a doctor's office and I ask the people that are with him if my sister and friend are in trouble and he says yes. I tell him that my mother is expecting us but they don't seem to care. 

I go up to the receptionist and I tell them who I am and that I want to see my sister pronto and they tell me no. They also give me a bunch of forms to fill out as if I am a new patient. I said I already had medical insurance and a regular doctor, I was not there to see the doc, I was there to relay a message to my sister. They refused and then I heard this one girl called the police and told them they suspected me of doctor shopping.   I tell someone 'm talking to there that I have health insurance and a doctor and that I wouldn't need to doctor shop.  In the meantime I'm getting more and more pissed off. This guy who claims he can help me, he's one of them, he and this girl tell me to go with them in the car. I am afraid that this guy in the car is going to shoot me but he doesn't. We pull up to this building and there's this room and we have to use a special key. There's all kinds of computer equipment in there. There's also a phone which he says I can use, I called home to mom but was very vague in what was going on so she wouldn't worry. 

I heard a noise in the hallway, a voice that was familiar, walking with of the people that had taken my sister and her friend and who had ridden in the car with me and this guy. I look out in the hallway and it's a friend of mine, named Al. I was shocked, what was he doing there? He was wearing a blue long sleeved dress shirt and a nice tie. Just as I was getting ready to ask what he was doing there, I woke up.


  1. I guess I won't win the grand prize because it would take a trained psychologist to even try and make heads or tails of this dream. However, I'm absolutely amazed by your ability, not just to dream in such detail, but to also remember them!

  2. I'm with your mom, Jessica! I have dreams like that - so convoluted and with different people and in different places and ALWAYS in color. They are always stories and, just like you, I'm doing most of the talking, but it's like I'm having a conversation. One thing I do that you didn't mention, is to carry on my conversations in and out of my dream state - meaning occasionally I wake myself up with my talking and then I just drift back to sleep and continue the conversation. Russ also says I talk in my sleep, mostly in the early morning before he gets up. I am so NOT ready to get up yet and rarely do - My dreams just need more time to complete and I LOVE to sleep in!

    Well, I guess I don't win the Grand Prize either, but I DO understand HOW you dream! As with me, I think you are reliving parts of your life that you don't/didn't understand and that's why they are so convoluted. Our dream brains have so much stored that needs to get out, so it most often doesn't make any sense, because the memories aren't in any sort of order. Works for me! Any points for that?