Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Just another of my crazy [H]ouse, M.D. rants....

Do House MD fans really care anymore what David Shore and Greg Yaitanes have to say? Apparently GY tweeted they are going to explain the beach scenes in the Season 7 DVD commentary. I for one, don't even give a damn because IMO these two ruined my favorite show. Shore because he's so hell bent on  the whole "I did it my way" philosophy and Yaitanes because despite being a more than competent director/producer, spent the better part of last season baiting fans and mocking them on Twitter. I am really surprised the folks at Fox let him get away with this. I can't even tell you the huge numbers of fans who were outraged over GY's moronic antics and behavior last season.Fox and Shore should have reigned him in, his actions were absolutely incomprehensible and just wrong.

I think by now most fans have gone through the whole five stages of grief thing.

Denial and Isolation: I was in denial for the longest time thinking "oh come on these bastards can't be serious, right?" I mean, seriously, who was going to buy what they were selling us? I came up with all kinds of possible scenarios in the show discussions and I never expected the bombshell they dropped on us. Obviously I was taken for a ride as were millions of fans not just in the US but around the world. I don't know that I was in isolation though. I mean I didn't lock myself away in a closet crying all day long although I did spend a hefty amount of time tweeting and blogging using the words "sonsabitches" an awful lot. To add to the misery of the last eight episodes was the news that Lisa E. decided not to return for the 8th and final season. I think that hit all loyal fans of the show hard because well...what is House without Cuddy...or even Wilson for that matter?

After denial came Anger:  Well, let's see does using the words "WHAT THE F*CK?"  count as anger? If it does, count me in. Actually I began shouting it midway episode 15 and concluded only at the end of the season finale, episode 23. Anger doesn't even begin to express my feelings on the matter. See above reference to "sonsabitches".  LOL

Bargaining: Oh that one was fun. I kept thinking after Bombshells, Out of the Chute and Fall from Grace, that SURELY, Shore and Yaitanes would give us something we could work with. I mean, seriously, Cuddy going completely out of character all season then breaking up with him over one small weakness? Throwing our favorite diagnostician back on hookers and vicodin? Having him marry a masseuse hooker because she needs a green card and because he wanted to get back at Cuddy for the breakup? Seriously? Was that the best you could do? Oh man that was too easy, I figured maybe these talented folks could come up with something a bit more dramatic, something we haven't seen before. But no, they took the easy way out. Listen, I was willing to wash Shore's car if he'd just rectify his mistake. He never got back to me of course. I also promised to be nice to Greg Yaitanes but that didn't work either. He must have known I had my fingers crossed behind my back when I made that promise. After the finale when I realized what they'd done, I kept thinking "ok...they can fix this in Season 8" but then we got the news Lisa E wasn't returning and that threw a wrench in my bargaining works because now, without Lisa, there was no way to redeem the show and fix what they had done. Besides I never really wanted to wash Shore's car anyway!

Depression: Probably too strong a word for what I felt. More like disappointed, which isn't a stage of grief but who cares? This is my blog.  I think that set in watching old episodes of the show, watching the banter between House, Cuddy and Wilson and knowing that all the work House had done on himself, all the time he spent getting off Vicodin and trying to find some meaning in life, all went to hell in just eight episodes. Isn't it crazy? All those great years and in eight episodes everything that was built all those years is all over? Never ever seen that in a television series before.  I don't think you could call what I felt depressed, see above for Anger, that's more of what I felt. I also felt disappointment. Disappointed I couldn't throttle the crap out of the people who made the decision to do what they did.

Acceptance:  I've accepted it. I've accepted that Shore took what was once known as "the best show on television" and "the most popular television show in the world" from amazing to WTF status? Some say it happened in one season (starting in season 6) and some say it began midway through season 7. Though I'm committed to NOT watching Season 8 I still have a soft spot for the show because I have never seen anything like it ever. I have never seen such riveting characters nor heard such great lines as I have in that show. I think Hugh Laurie is one of the most gifted actors to ever grace the screen. There has never been nor will there ever be another character like Dr. Gregory House. I think Lisa and Robert's characters were the perfect foils and the best supporting cast I've ever seen on television in recent memory. I've NO complaints about the acting from the pilot through the finale and very few about the writing prior to S7, that is. My main complaints are solely with Shore's decisions to move in the direction he did. But I've accepted it, and now I appreciate re-watching older seasons and enjoying the banter, laughter and everything else that kept us hooked on the show for so long. It was pure gold. I accepted it and moved on.  From this point on nothing they can do short of bringing Cuddy back and making the whole damn mess a dream is going to redeem the show. 

If I had to sum up my comments to Shore and GY I guess it would look something like this:

-Hugh, Lisa, Robert: God I love that dynamic!
-Hugh & Lisa: Add the above comment plus BEST chemistry in a pair onscreen that I've ever seen!
-Omar & Jesse: good together. Omar is better when he's funny.
-I miss Kutner aka "House Jr."
-Cameron? Oy vey. I liked her better when she finally "grew up".
-Tiny Taub and his tiny wife--I'm bored. Can we move on?
-Olivia WHO? Sorry but her best performances in this show are behind her.

And then I'd tell them:

-House MD Seasons 1-5 were my faves! I can't even tell you how much I've been laughing lately rewatching those eps! Some of the best writing on television and hands-down best acting. Some of the greatest lines ever to emanate from a character coming out of those seasons!

-House MD Season 6  was "meh". Ok seriously who's flying the plane here? Whoever came up with the Lucas arc should've been flogged.

-House MD Season 7 WTF? Holy CRAP Marie! Again Hugh and Lisa kicked ass but I felt like I got off the plane at the wrong planet, because this obvious alien territory doesn't even look remotely familiar to me. And I won't even mention the unmentionable things in this season because they're well...unmentionable.  For me, everything after 7x14 doesn't exist. Period. End of story.

Yeah I'd say that's it. That's all I have to say about the matter right now. Glad I got that off my chest. Feel free to discuss... or not.

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  1. Lindsay7/29/2011

    Loved that post. I felt the same way. I can't bear to watch it anymore and that has nothing to do with the acting either, which I think is superb. It's just that I don't recognize the show anymore or my favorite characters. Thanks Shore :(