Friday, August 19, 2011

Being kind and courteous on its way out?

The other day I was walking out of my building on campus after work and heading to my car. Over my shoulder was my tote bag with miscellaneous notebooks and books for class and in my arms I was carrying my desktop CPU. The unit was heavy but not so much I couldn't carry it for a short distance. I will say it was awkward and I was anxious to get to the car and unload it.

Separating the set of buildings where my office is located and the parking lot is a narrow drive called McCarty Drive. It's just a pass through mostly for buses to go from one stop to the next. Just at the moment I wanted to cross McCarty Drive, at least five RTS buses headed my way. I wasn't stupid enough to try to run across and beat them so I waited, despite the fact the load I was carrying was getting increasingly heavy and hurting my already sore shoulder. Now mind you there were five buses in a row, the speed limit on campus is 20 MPH and so it would not be a big deal for a bus to stop and let someone cross. I've seen drivers in buses and other vehicles do it, it's sort of a courtesy. Heck I do it for people all the time when I'm in the car. Given I had this heavy load, I had hoped one of the buses might stop so I could cross the drive in a few short seconds and get to the car.

To my surprise not one of the first four buses stopped, instead they sped right by me as if I weren't there hunched over nearly dropping my CPU. The fifth and final bus stopped and waved me on by. I mouthed a gracious "THANK YOU" to him and he nodded and smiled. I know I should not have been pissed off about those first four buses not having the courtesy to stop, but I was because it seems like the older I get the less courteous people tend to be. I know that not all people are rude and discourteous but it seems everywhere I go, rudeness runs rampant.I've encountered rude RTS drivers before so why was I even surprised? I don't know, maybe it's because sometimes I'm just naive enough to believe that there are people who still care. Yes, I know lots of people do care but the question is why do the others not care? What makes a person ignore someone in need of help when they are right in front of them?

I wish I'd gotten the bus numbers of all five buses, the first four so I could call their supervisor and tell them what inconsiderate assholes they have working for them and the fifth one so I could tell his supervisor how awesome it was that he took a few seconds out of his busy day to be nice to a stranger on the side of the road. Years from now, it's going to be him I remember, not those other jerks.

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