Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Congress takes a vacation in the midst of unfinished business...

Congress is on vacation until after Labor Day.  Meanwhile the FAA remains unfunded and thousands of people are out of work because of it. What's the problem? A difference of opinion over $16.5 million in subsidies for rural airports. Yes you heard it right. $16.5 million.  

Ok peeps, let's do the math:

Piss away $1 billion in tax revenue just to make a point over $16.5 million. 

A kindergartener could figure out in two seconds that is just STUPID.

I'm not saying the subsidies are ok, but nobody should be going on a month long vacation until a solution is reached. Of course they're tired from all the debt ceiling debates, but you know what? That's not my problem, nor is it yours. We hired them to do a job and they have to see it through just as we do in our jobs. How would our employers like it if we just took a vacation at the most critical time when the livelihoods and best interests of people who count on us are at stake? Oh wait, when you work for someone else, that person approves your vacation so generally this doesn't happen. The Congress works for us and in a situation like this they should have stayed till they came up with a solution, even a temporary solution to extend the FAA funding until they returned from vacation.

Unless there is an emergency, in a critical situation you stay put till you solve the problem. You do what you have to do to solve the problem and only then do you go home. At least that's my philosophy. 

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