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David Shore: the contradiction of [H]ouse, M.D.

Pissed off isn't even the word for it after I read this excerpt from
The dust is barely settling from Lisa Edelstein’s exit from House, but is Dr. Crankypants already on the rebound? Not exactly. But when Brothers & Sisters alum Odette Annable crosses paths with House in the season premiere on Oct. 3, there will be “a connection” says executive producer David Shore.

“She’s working in prison and there’s a bit of a connection — not a physical connection. But she doesn’t really know House. He’s just a prisoner. Then things change,” he says. 

“He changes her, and she changes him.”

With Edelstein’s unexpected departure, Shore said the team is looking to return to “the basics” of the show and “the fundamental questions of right and wrong.” But in doing so, the show added two new faces — both Annable and Knocked Up actress Charlene Yi will be joining the team this season.

Shore says of Annable: “She’s great, she’s smart, she’s funny. We’re excited about it.”


David Shore has drilled into us for 7 long years that people don't change and  people can't change. He was adamant despite what the fans had to say about it. When we'd had enough of House tripping on vicodin and hookers, Shore kept insisting House can't be happy, House can't change, he is who he is blah blah blah.  It was the whole idea behind Season 7 too not to let House be happy as he entered year #2 off vicodin and finally a romantic relationship with his longtime friend and nemesis Lisa Cuddy. Couldn't let it last long though could they? They only gave us House and Cuddy together because they wanted to break them up with a big BANG at the end of the season or as Greg Yaitanes says, Ka-Boom!  They resorted to the old standby which is easy to write: hookers, vicodin, and booze. The writers didn't have to be creative.  Must have saved a lot of time and money there using the same old crap.

House tried to change his life when he went through rehab at Mayfield in Season 6. He was actually looking forward to his new life and starting over and then he comes home and finds the love of his life (Cuddy) is with an idiot (Lucas).  Then he bares his soul to his patient Hannah at the end of Season 6 and Cuddy realizes she wants to be with him. They get together for 14 episodes (which was supposed to be a year in TV Land) and one time, ONE time he slips and takes a Vicodin because he's in so much pain over the possibility Cuddy is dying. Who doesn't remember that tearful scene where House took the phone call from Wilson in Foreman's apartment and Wilson told him it was cancer and had metastasized to her lungs and House says, "she's dead". House loved Cuddy but he was in pain, both physically and emotionally and he took ONE vicodin to have the strength to see her at the hospital before surgery. One pill and she dumped him and broke his heart. Then he broke her heart by going out of control after the breakup. 

I did not recognize Lisa Cuddy in Season 6 when she was with Lucas because she seemed out of character. I thought for sure being with House in Season 7 would change things, but as wonderful as Lisa E played her role, the writing for her character was not of its previous quality. Not only did I not recognize Cuddy but I also didn't recognize House the man in Season 7.  I kept thinking about the House we knew in Seasons 1-5 and then in Season 6 (because really if you think about it, when you compare S1-5 to S6 it's like two different series) and I couldn't believe how different the House in Season 7 eps 15-23 was compared to the House of prior years. It was not the same person. And I commented then how Shore said "people don't change" because oh yeah House didchange for the worse and now Season 8 will open with him in prison but oh yeah he'll get his old job back and everything. Nice!  Oh hell yeah Hugh did a fantastic job, he's nothing less than exceptional in that character but the plot sucked. What they did to that show sucked.

And now after Lisa Edelstein and her beloved character Lisa Cuddy (the one woman who could keep House in line and the one woman he actually cared about) leave the show after Season 7 TPTB bring in some young, thin pretty face (Odette Annable) to help satisfy the "token women" quota. Not just that but the "pretty, thin, token women" quota. Then they're adding that Charlene Yi whoever she is. I hear neither of them is very talented so this should be fun. Getting paid for shitty acting? Wow where do I sign up? Also, given Olivia Wilde's big movie career (yawn!) means her character won't be in a lot of eps in Season 8. But who ever cared about her in the first place?

But back to Annable's character changing House. WTF? Cuddy was a longtime friend of House, they loved each other a long time, they knew each other's strengths and weaknesses which made them a great couple. She made him a better person. She was the only one who would hire him, the only one who could reign him in (which is one of the things he liked so much about her) and she was his equal in every way. If Cuddy wasn't enough to change him, then WHO is? Some young, petite, female prison doctor? Seriously? We're expected to buy this CRAP?  And then Kath Lingenfelter tweets today that she's fist-pumping the air because she's so psyched about the table read for episode 2 and I'm like "oh Crap, just shoot me now". What the writers, producers, and directors called exciting and awesome in Season 7, the fans were angry and disappointed over. So really, why should we believe anything they say anymore? Why should we care? Good question. I guess it's because we really enjoyed the show and it didn't have to go out this way with so many angry, disappointed fans and a terrific actress leaving the show.

All of this could have been avoided if Shore had stuck to the solid basics of the show from prior seasons: the medical mysteries, the antics of House and Wilson, the flirtation and tug-of-war between House and Cuddy, House's wonderful (and legendary) manipulation and degradation of his team, his disdain for his patients, and all the good stuff we so fondly remember. I feel like we were force-fed storylines that were just manufactured for the hell of it, it didn't seem like natural progression for the characters or the relationships on the show.  It wasn't the relationship of House and Cuddy that ruined the show, it was how it was handled, how it played out and how it ended. The relationship never should have been the focus, but sadly TPTB wanted it that way so they could make a big finale, which actually backfired on them big time.

Once again the only good things about Season 8 are Hugh and Bob and the fact that Season 8 is the last season. I'm still angry that David Shore and Company ripped the most popular television show in the world into a million pieces, shattering anything that resembled our favorite characters. Now he's trying to replace greatness with empty useless new cast members and pathetic plot lines. Now they are backpedaling to make everything look and sound great. Sorry, it's too little too late for many fans.

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  1. dora2010778/04/2011

    The fact that the fans are so unhappy with the writers decisions means that the fans actually care. That is ultimately the last good thing about House Md. It made fans care about a character happiness...that says something about a fandom.