Friday, August 19, 2011

Goodbye General Motors, you just lost my business permanently.

I was really shocked to learn that General Motors says they are not responsible for repairing suspension defects in more than 400,000 Impalas made in 2007 and 2008.


The powers that be at "New" GM (post-bailout) say they are not responsible for repairs for flaws in GM vehicles maufactured under the "Old" GM (pre-bailout) because they are not the same company.  

So, using my power as a consumer, I am serious when I say that my 2009 GMC Sierra extended cab is the last GM vehicle I will ever purchase. That's because I am not the same person after the bailout that I was before the bailout.

Good riddance to you asshats.


  1. That's a shocker coming from such a company that's been around before I was born.

  2. You have to really wonder what and who those people who run GM are thinking - in this economy, you would think they would do as many other businesses are doing and going out of their way to keep customers satisfied! On your word, because I trust your judgement, I will never buy a GM product either. Thanks for exposing this rotten attitude!

  3. It just seems so simple to me that you would stand behind your brand regardless of the bankruptcy. Are they saying that NOBODY who worked at GM before the bailout was working there AFTER? I have a hard time believing that.