Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My 2012 [H]ouse MD calendar is missing something...

Every year I indulge in my annual [H]ouse MD wall calendar and this year is no different. I love looking at it and it makes a great conversation piece for my students and colleagues when they walk into my office. Now imagine my surprise when I took a look at the photos inside for each month of 2012 and the talented Lisa Edelstein aka Dr. Lisa Cuddy did NOT have her own month. Every year she's been featured and now in 2012's Season 7 calendar, she's featured only in a few smaller photos with Hugh and Bob.

Seriously? I mean damn...even the untalented Olivia Wilde who appeared in only four episodes this past season got her own month. For Realz? I call that a really BIG WTF on the part of NBC Universal for this one. Shame on you guys for leaving Lisa out of this. She was as important in the show as Hugh and Bob, surely she deserved a layout like they did. My guess is the calendar wasn't as big a shoot as the one for Season 6 (which frankly I thought was really well done with the snakes and the RV shots), but still, they could have done Lisa justice and respected her huge contribution of the show. I mean damn, if Olivia Wilde gets her own month, why not Lisa?

The non-[H]ouse fans won't care but those who are fans of the show will know what I'm talking about here. Talk about a big time screwup!  Anyway that's my rant and I'm sticking to it.

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  1. Anonymous9/05/2011

    what months does it have?