Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Politics beyond the Beltway 8/30: Importance of Independent Voters

It was an interesting lecture today. We covered a variety of things in just under two hours. I like that the professor doesn't interject his own political philosophy into the class. It seems he's disgusted with both major parties and as one who feels the same, I can appreciate where he's coming from.

One of the things we touched on the importance of the Independent voters. In Florida the Independent voters are the sway vote and this is becoming more and more prevalent in other states. The Independent voter is a growing movement, gaining momentum faster than either of the two major parties.

As an Independent voter I vote for person not party. I am very tired of the partisan politics going on in both the D and R parties. I don't want to affiliate myself with that so I choose to be an Independent. For me, being an Independent is a sense of freedom. I am not tied to allegiance to any particular party platform, rather I create my own platform of values and beliefs which make up who I am. Some of my values may resonate with those in the D while other values may resonate with R, and yet others may resonate with Libertarians. Some people may refer to Independents as "wishy washy" but that is not true. I find that most Independents I know think very carefully about the people and the issues at stake before voting. Values are not owned by any party, regardless of how much they would like us to believe that. My values and beliefs are my own, no party owns them, no party ever will.

In thinking about the force of Independents, I do believe not enough credit has been given to the strength of the Independent vote. Dems will always vote D and Reps will always vote R but Independents can go either way, they have no allegiance. This is very dangerous for any individual who thinks they have an election in their pocket. It also seems to me that despite the growing numbers of Independent voters, neither major party has committed itself to marketing directly to Independent voters. What does that say?  Are the D's and R's just not reading the polls? Why are the strategists overlooking the increasingly large number of Americans who are moving towards the middle? Or are they?  Since R's vote R and D's vote D, the vote that needs campaigning for is the undecided vote. Those are the ones you have to sway and so far I'm not swayed. Frankly I think it's time for a very strong Independent candidate to run and give the D's and R's a run for their money. Yes, it's definitely time.

In any case, among the many interesting things we discussed today, this was one. We did not go into detail about Independents, rather we covered a variety of issues but I wanted to elaborate on my feelings about the Independent vote. Comments always welcome!

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  1. Why haven't I ever thought about this before? It may be the better alternative to not voting at all because my party doesn't have a strong candidate.