Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Uh oh someone let Joe Biden run loose again!

Joe Biden is in China telling the Chinese government he "understands" the one-child policy, yet he explains to them the reason it's a bad policy is because the family will only have one wage earner to support the family when the parents get too old to work. 
What the hell??? 
Seriously, could there not be a better reason it's a bad policy? How about the whole moral issue involved in a government dictating to a couple how many children they are allowed to have? 
Interesting isn't it that in China the government forces a woman to have an abortion, yet in America the government, or at least many in it want to force a woman not to have an abortion. Either way, it's just wrong for government to dictate reproductive rights, period. And IMO that should be the basis for Biden's argument, at least it makes more sense than what he came up with.

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