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[H]ouse M.D. Season 8 Previews

You know where I stand on what happened end of last season. You can easily click on my tag for "[H]ouse M.D. Season 7" below and read all my posts related to it.

That said, anyone who knows Hugh Laurie knows he never gives anything less than his best at anything he does and his performances as our favorite misanthropic world renowned diagnostician  in Season 8 should be no different. But Hugh shouldn't have to shoulder the burden of carrying this show through its final (hopefully) season. It takes great acting, writing, producing and directing to make a great show and in Season 7, while we saw terrific acting and some good writing, overall the plots just failed.The show lost Lisa Edelstein and now Olivia Wilde, the latter in my opinion being insignificant in both seasons 6 and 7, and they've brought in two young actresses Odette Annable and Charlene Yi. Shore plans to avoid creating any love interests for Gregory House (thank you!) and he's going back to the roots of the show.

Huh? Returning to the roots? Now? You say?

Fans are asking themselves why now?  Why suddenly are they going back to the "roots" of the show now? Given all he's been through in the last eight years, why couldn't House evolve in earlier seasons? Why couldn't he be redeemed sooner? What's changed to all the sudden make House see the light at the end of the tunnel? Could it be losing Cuddy--the love of his life, the one woman who really understood him (yes Stacy did but I don't think he ever really forgave her and I think he was really hurt that she wanted to be with him but would not divorce Mark). Remember Wilson told House he (House) was afraid that if he couldn't make it work with Cuddy he couldn't make it work with anyone.

One of the 8x01 teasers asks if House's biggest mistake could be the key to his redemption. Now that Cuddy is gone, how is he supposed to redeem himself? He wronged Cuddy and redemption can only come from making it up to Cuddy. Doing his time, owning up to his responsibility, getting therapy for his serious emotional problems (and God knows he has plenty of them!), apologizing to Cuddy, and making changes in his life, positive changes would have been a step in the right direction in seeking redemption. But alas, according to Shore's theory, House can't change and if he can't change, he can't redeem himself. House is House, I believe he feels remorse but as with everything else, though he feels it but he just can't show it on the outside. He can't let anyone break through those walls and see who he really is and until he can really do that, he can't even see the light at the end of the tunnel.

So where am I going with this? I have no idea. :)

Season 8 begins with House serving a year in prison for running his car into Cuddy's home then fleeing to some tropical paradise for three months. He's offered early parole for good behavior and because the prison is overcrowded. He's got five more days to make it till he gets out but he has to steer clear of trouble. Problem is that his arch nemesis in lockup, leader of a neo-Nazi gang demands he pay an exit fee of "twenty vicodin" before he gets out.  Now I know something about prisons, no I haven't been incarcerated but after he retired from 27 years with the phone company, my dad trained for a second career in the Florida Department of Corrections and eventually promoted to Lieutenant, almost making Captain till he retired early. Now dad and other officers have told me stories about life in state and federal pens so it'll be interesting to watch this and see how they've depicted so-called prison life for House.

Moving on, from the looks of things it seems that Foreman is going to own House's ass now. Foreman is likely the new Dean of Medicine, the one to arrange House's parole and the one who can send him back to prison if he screws up. This could be interesting because everything Foreman knows about Diagnostic Medicine he learned from the master--House. Foreman may have once said he doesn't want to be like House, but in some ways he is like House. Remember his short-lived stint at New York Mercy? Like House, Foreman will do anything to save a patient...well almost anything. That's one of the things House likes about Foreman and so it will be interesting to see how, if appointed Dean, Foreman is able to balance his Houseian diagnostic techniques with the need to adhere to guidelines and follow protocol.  Cuddy was the only person who could ever keep House in line and that had a lot to do with the nature and the long 20+ years of their relationship. Foreman does not have that advantage.

In regards to Wilson, it seems that Wilson may have severed relationship ties with House but House is going to try and win back their friendship. Can Wilson ever forgive House for nearly running him over in Cuddy's front yard? Can he forgive him for destroying Cuddy's home, nearly hurting Cuddy, ruining the relationship between the three and being the reason Cuddy has left Princeton for good? Wilson has always forgiven House but will he this time? Seems that in the past Wilson has needed House's friendship, always being there to save his best friend but this time he wasn't able to save House from prison and maybe he didn't want to. During the Tritter arc, Wilson wanted House to own up to his actions but House wouldn't do it. Now he has to...well at least he has to be punished for his actions, finally. I recall the episode where Wilson talked about his brother Danny and I always thought afterwards that one of the reasons Wilson clings to House is because he's afraid that if he turned his back on House, something bad would happen as it did with Danny. Wilson never turned his back on Danny,  he just chose to put himself first and he's felt guilty about it ever since. I wonder how Wilson will have changed when House sees him for the first time in over a year?

As to Cuddy, what more can be said that I or anyone else haven't already said? We lost our favorite Dean of Medicine, an integral part of the great triumvirate of Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. We lost a great dynamic of the show when she left. Only time will tell if towards the end of the series she'd return for some closure, positive closure I would hope, to sort of bring things full circle and end on some kind of positive, yet quite Houseian note.

It's my opinion (and the opinion of many longtime fans) that the series could have ended on a successful note at the end of Season 6 or even at the end of episode #22 "After Hours" in Season 7, which ironically was originally intended to be the Season 7 finale until Fox told David Shore they wanted one additional episode.  That's right, episode #23 "Moving On" was created just for that reason. Season 7 was never intended to end the way it did.

Makes you kinda wish Fox would have kept its big fat mouth shut eh?

Anyway, below are the first four promos for the 10/3 premiere of Season 8's "Twenty Vicodin" as well as some excellent advanced reviews of the episode:

No worries, this promo is in English...

What happens next is anyone's guess. The critics are writing up their reviews of the screening of episode 8x01. Check them out by clicking below:

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