Friday, September 02, 2011

"Here's what I suggest, if you hear something's happening but it hasn't happened, don't always believe what you hear."...President Barack Obama, August 2011

Ok, let's see where we can go with this...

1) The Weather Channel reports a tornado watch in your area. This means conditions are favorable for a tornado but one has not yet been spotted. Technically if you apply the President's philosophy above, since no tornado has actually happened, don't believe the hype! Send your kids out into the street to play and go ahead and hang laundry or jump on that John Deere and get caught up with your lawn mowing! 

2) We're told that global warming will put an end to mankind as we know it. But since we haven't been put out of our misery by it yet, I say screw it. Throw caution to the wind. Rip out the catalytic converters, the hell with emissions, let those babies burn. Let's churn some serious smoke out of those factories, keep digging for oil and coal and just have at it. I mean so far we're still here and as long as we are burn baby, burn.

3) You hear that your company is downsizing due to the economy so you begin planning ahead by saving money and looking for a new job. Based on Obama's philosophy, why should you bother? Really. I mean damn, just because the economy is tanking and your company is losing millions doesn't mean a thing. Do you think a company losing money is really going to lay people off? Who are you kidding? So you hear times are tough, just ignore it, it'll all go away. I mean after all, if it hasn't happened yet it's not likely to. Don't worry about making plans, just enjoy the moment.

4) The doctor tells you you're dying. You have a few months left to live. You have so much to do and you have to get your affairs in order, but seriously, you haven't actually died yet so what's the point? If it hasn't happened, chances are it's just not true right? Your oncologist is probably an idiot anyway. I say go out and live your life, don't make a will or lay out plans for your funeral or your estate.What's the point?

5) Your candidate for President gives you a message of "hope and change" and you're excited about it, new blood, new life in the campaign. You're anxious for this personable, friendly, charismatic man with the gift of gab and the pretty family to take office because he's going to have the most transparent government in American history. Things are going to change. Business will profit, people will be employed, the infrastructure will be repaired, children will be educated, the homeless will be sheltered, things are going to get better for everyone. You just have to believe. In his third year of office he announces he's running for office again. Now of course you're asking yourself where the hope and change went because you don't feel any different than you did he night before you heard he was running the firs time. You know you should give him a chance but then you remember his words:  "if you believe something's happening but it hasn't happened, don't always believe what you hear."

PS..just so it's understood, if George Bush had said this, I would have been all over his ass too.

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  1. Great points as always Jessica!!!