Sunday, October 30, 2011

Cain is still Able...

I like Herman Cain and have for many years since I first heard him on Neal Boortz's Atlanta-based talk radio show.  He's intelligent, hardworking, vibrant, likeable, outspoken and he's not afraid to defend his values and principles even when others disagree or put them down. Herman Cain comes from a poor background and his parents worked very hard to give him a good life. He's worked hard and made it on his own. You may not like him because he's a Republican but if that's the only reason you don't like him, then I suppose he's not doing too bad at all.

I don't agree with Cain's stance on everything but I like the fact he sticks to his beliefs. We have far too many politicians whose beliefs and values change with the polls.  I say if you believe in something, truly believe in it then you stick with it no matter what. People may disagree with your stance, but they will respect you for being man (or woman) enough to risk everything to stand by those values. There are those who think that to respect you must agree. Wrong. You can disagree and still respect. Unfortunately in politics we have far too little of that.

Cain is getting a lot of flack from the Democrats and Republicans because he's a black man and he's a Republican. The Dems consider him a traitor, saying the Republicans have him right where they want him, another black man who knows his place. The Republicans don't think he's good enough for whatever reason, my guess is that it's because he is not a GOP insider. 

Speaking of the GOP, you know as well as I do they are backing Romney, we already know that. Romney's got friends in high places, he's got the Republican party in his pocket. I wouldn't be surprised if Romney, who stands a lot to lose here, was behind the Politico story, all or in part. This early in the game, the Dems aren't worried because they'll start playing dirty once the GOP picks its nominee. Right now, the person who has the most to lose is Romney because Cain is catching up with him quick, even surpassing him in popularity in some areas of the country. Nope, I would not put it past Romney to do something like this. Wouldn't put it past Perry either. And this has nothing to do with Herman Cain being black, this is just dirty politics at work.

For the record, this latest Herman Cain "issue" is a non-issue for me. Yep you heard me. Until someone actually proves he did something wrong, which there is no evidence of, I'm not swayed.

Apparently the National Restaurant Association conducted an investigation on Cain's alleged "physical gestures that were non-overtly sexual" and found he had done nothing wrong. Mind you, considering the word overt means "deliberate" you can guess what non-overt means. Try it in a sentence now:  "physical gestures that were not deliberately sexual" makes a difference doesn't it? 

The two women involved were each paid in five figures. However, we don't know why there were paid.  Could it have been that these two women after years of service, were  embarassed to stay employed there after the investigation turned up nothing and so the NRA gave them severance pay? It's a possibility.  The truth is that we don't know exactly what the complaint was, we don't know the specifics of the money the women received, we don't even know who the women are, we have no real facts. We just don't know enough to warrant condemning a man's political career.There is no story, rather it's just another attempt to deflect from the real issues.

Find me concrete proof that he made deliberate attempts to harm or sexually harass these women in any way, shape or form and we'll talk. Until then, Herman Cain is still popular among millions of people and he's not out yet, not by a long shot. I look forward to him being a thorn in the side of Romney, Perry and even the GOP till the end.

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