Tuesday, November 08, 2011

[H]ouse, M.D. Episode 8x05 "The Confession"

I must admit that this is the first episode of the new season I felt was worth watching. I still love the character House, it's the direction the show has taken that bothers me and so I blame that on TPTB, not the actors. TPTB give us the "what" while the actors give us the "how". Hugh is phenomenal in his delivery, as always. 

What I liked:
"The boys are back". I never realized how much I missed Chase and Taub until I had to watch Park and Adams. Welcome back BOYS! You were missed!
House was his usual snarky pain in the ass self but he was not mean in this episode! Yes, House is a jerk, a lonely, miserable, misanthropic pain in the ass but we loved him for a lot of reasons, one of them is because we felt his pain, we rooted for him, we wanted him to be a survivor and prove the odds were wrong! The just plain asshole House in last few eps prior to this were not the House I'd come to know and love.

Wilson's statement to Foreman about Cuddy going to him when she had problems with House. I believe he said something to the effect of "see where that got me?" and I took that as Wilson's admission (finally!) that maybe he doesn't know it all when it comes to what's best for others, especially House. How many times did he insert himself into House and Cuddy's relationship over the years? How many times in the past has Wilson attempted do teach House a lesson or do something he thought was best for House?  Wilson may be learning that he just can't continue advising people on how to deal with House nor can he give House advice on how to deal with people. This is a huge step for the enabler Wilson. Of course he'll still enable House but I like that he admits in so many words, his advice sometimes sucks. :)

Wilson/Taub in the cafeteria and Wilson attempting to secure some of Taub's DNA only to be busted.

House searching Wilson's office for the babies, eventually finding them in their twin stroller on the patio outside Wilson's office. LOL at Wilson's comment about eating babies!

House's look. He looks good, I like that the hairpiece is gone and he even seems to have more color and looks younger. The L'Oreal for Men is doing wonders for his skin!  Given that, I don't like him all tucked in and hair combed because that signals insecurity to me. I like House when he's a little rumpled because he seems more secure and confident and sure of himself. 

House and the word "awkward" in response to Park's comments about Taub's "twins"       

There's finally someone on the team shorter than "tiny Taub"

The POTW, sort-of. I guess I liked some aspects of the POTW story ut not others. For instance, I really liked when he started confessing all the bad things he'd done to the people in his community so that they would know exactly what kind of person he was before they donated. I didn't like that this turned out to be part of his illnessI . I had mixed reactions on him lying to his wife about his indiscretion with that girl. He got a second chance thanks to his illness, he saw what the indiscretion confession did to her and he got a second chance when it turned out the illness could be blamed for his "fake" confessions. 

I thought it was interesting that Chase and Adams disagreed on the confessions. We see where Chase's confession about killing Dibala got him...Cameron divorced him. On the flip side, Adams seems to indicate she would have wanted to know her husband was cheating on her.  I do hope that at some point we can revisit Chase's feelings about killing Dibala because I think that hasn't fully resolved yet.

The big unveiling at the end. Of course I had no earthly idea what could have been behind that curtain but when he took the curtain down, and there was nothing there, I said to myself "well that's like House to string them along and play them like that" and then...........the rolling door! When that door went up and from the DDX room point of view you could see Wilson just sitting at his desk reading a file, as he would do on any normal day...and House offering him a martini and Wilson's firm "no" followed by the incredibly blank and confused stares of the team and House's adorable smirk. Well played, sirs. See, the rolling door was just another natural step in the progression of the House-Wilson friendship. For years, House has always had to bang on Wilson's door, be it at the office or home and now....he doesn't have to bang on the door and wait for permission, he can basically "see" Wilson anytime he wants.  Now I can't believe (ok, yes I can) that House  was able to have that door installed right under Foreman's nose. But then this is Foreman and he can still be played by House, he will always be played by House. However, if Cuddy were still DOM, House never would have gotten away with this, oh no way. And by some miraculous feat of ingenuity, House had been able to get this done without Cuddy finding out till afterwards, she would have taken funds out of his department to pay to have the rolling door removed and the wall put back. And she would have told him that point blank then walked away with a victorious swishing of the hips.

Foreman being played by House. Foreman stays at the hospital for four nights straight because he's afraid of what House (who has also stayed for four nights) will do if he leaves. The man Cuddy once referred to as "House-light" still doesn't get his boss after all these years? It took a revived post-surfing vacation and well-rested Chase to point it out to him.  I guess I'm resigned to the fact (and ok with it) that Foreman will never ever be able to best House, ever.

What I didn't like:
I still think Adams is boring as all hell.

Park still doesn't move me. Even that innocent little voice of hers. 

Any (even the tiniest) reference that Chase might have a thing for Adams. What we don't need is another relationship between two members of House's diagnostic team. We saw where it got us with Foreman/Thirteen and the divorced Cameron/Chase. 

Foreman's office. I think Greg Yaitanes is doing it on purpose just to piss me off. It's the lack of color and character in that office that kills me. Of course, the lack of color in that office is a reflection of Foreman's personality, or should I say lack thereof?

The confessions (all but one that is) made by the POTW were false and caused by his illness.

No vicodin, no leg pain. We know he's not clean because him being clean was a big deal in Seasons 6 and 7. He has attributed his grief and misery to his leg pain, so it deserves to be part of the show. Considering how much of the series has involved House's vicodin addition and his leg, it's surprising that it is no longer a part of the show. Honestly, it's helped shape the character into who he is and it deserves its place in the show. I know Shore and Yaitanes said they didn't want to focus on it this season but seriously....they gave us 7 years of House and his addiction and House and his leg, it's their fault that it moved us. You can't just take it away now.

This is the first episode of the season that I actually liked. It wasn't great like it's former self, but it was ok. This doesn't mean I forgive David Shore, Greg Yaitanes and the writing staff for what they have done to our favorite characters because I don't. But since I can't do anything about that I have to go with what we've been given this season. This episode was a huge improvement. I laughed. I actually liked some aspects of the POTW case. I also actually liked the character of House again.

I am not going to venture to guess what is in store for us, nor am I going to assume I know what TPTB are thinking, we've been down that road and been rewarded with great disappointment for our excitement and anticipation so I gave up on that. We all did. I'm just sitting back and watching and taking it all in for what it is without questioning too much because then it will all just drive me crazy.

One last thing.  I want to give a big shout out to Michelle, Katie, Anne, Andree, Veronique, Claudia, Maya, Max Weiss, Mindy Peterman, Anthony Ocasio, Adam Wright, Lisa Palmer and the rest of the #House peeps for the banter, laughter, tears, frustration, and everything else we've shared. You guys make the good times great and the bad times better. XO's

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  1. Anonymous11/11/2011

    Thanks, Jess, for the kind shout out. I am with you 100% about the dislikes list and the take on the rolling door to Wilson's office. You are 1000% right (no typo) about the missing leg pain and missing drug addiction. Suppose to believe he's off vicodin when House was permitted 5 pills a day in prison right? Now his leg doesn't bother him at all and nobody asks about, not even Wilson? The pompous director of some episodes infers that the drug doses and leg pain are like House going to the bathroom. Just because they don't show it in the show doesn't mean it isn't still happening. Yeah, right. They just don't know what to do at this point. So much backstory is missing along with so much that's supposed to be in the story now from House's prison time and return. Can't believe Wilson wouldn't want to know about House's leg or the drugs. The TPTB's credibility is gone as is their plot lines integrity. Like you, this episode was the first that didn't suck but I for one did not find the patient of the week the least bit interesting. Thanks for nailing down in your blog what so much of us feel about the show. I'm seriously trying to stay with the show but the excitement of the upcoming episode is completely absent this season. Let us know if the show gets a season 9. I doubt it will given the sinking ratings but hopefully the plots will improve and draw viewers back. I still miss Cuddy and can't believe House is over that issue that caused him jail time. Oh well. At least we still have Wilson.