Thursday, November 03, 2011

It all began when Frank Burns asked Radar to make a phone call back to the States (LOL!)

Radar: I can't reach them now sir, I'll be calling them yesterday.

Frank: That's ridiculous!

Radar: Oh no sir, they're sixteen hours behind us. Our today is their yesterday.

Frank: It's five o'clock in the afternoon!

Radar: Well that's here sir. Back there it's one o'clock yesterday morning. Everyone's gone to bed and said, see ya tomorrow. Which, by the time their tomorrow comes it will be our yesterday.

Frank: Isn't it sixteen hours later there?

Radar: No, sir.

Frank: Well, what if it is? When would it be now here if it was our today there?

Radar: You see we don't have the same now, sir. By the time their now becomes our now this'll be then.

Frank: Ok. I think I got a bead on it. In order for me to talk to them at nine o'clock in the morning their time what time does it have to be our when?

Radar: Uh, one o'clock our tomorrow morning will get you nine a.m. their today there, sir.

Frank: Then that's what we'll do.

Radar: Yes, sir. As soon as I get a circuit, there's a two day wait.

Frank: I can't wait two days, that'll be three days ago!

Radar: Right.

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