Monday, June 27, 2011

Get over your contempt for gay marriage and move on...

When we were children we saw the world without filters. We were less judgmental, we held fewer grudges, and our enemies one day became our friends the next. Life was simpler then. We had no allegiances nor did we have prejudices, we just had what was in front of us, what we could see, feel, taste, smell and hear. We didn't analyze life because we didn't know how. It was what it was. Then we grew up.

As adults we began to filter through the lens of experience. We had no choice, it's part of growing up. We formed prejudices and made judgments which were based upon a combination of things including our own experiences, the experiences of others, our need to be accepted and our concerns for what others would think of us. We learned words can hurt and actions have consequences. We were exposed to harshness, cruelty and negativity. We realized we had to take sides and when we did that our friends suddenly became our enemies and our enemies suddenly became our friends. We also learned that life isn't fair, not everyone is equal and things aren't always what they seem.

I have always tried to be an open-minded, fair and balanced person. As far back as I can remember I have taken a good look at all sides of the issues before weighing in with opinions or making decisions. I made my choices based on my ability to filter the information I received and it wasn't always easy. Throughout my life I learned that experience is a great teacher and that as we get older, we tend to get wiser, or so that's how it is supposed to be. And so this leads me to something that has been on my mind recently.

I have known openly gay people since I was 20 years old. One of the most important people in my life was a really awesome guy named Mike and he was gay. Mike was intelligent, macho and manly in every way, stereotypical  frat boy with all around good looks and personality to match. When I found out he was gay I was like "so what?" and life went on. He was my friend, he was there for me when I needed him, we talked, we laughed, we cried together. There's no way I could have turned my back on him. Mike introduced me to a bunch of other guys all who were gay and they took me in like we were related. They were essentially like big brothers to me. We had the best times. When we went out barhopping or dancing at nightclubs, I didn't see them as gay, I just saw them as my guy friends. These guys were awesome and they were well-liked and had gay and straight friends because they were good people.  Like me, all they wanted was to be able to live their lives just like anyone else, to be accepted for the kind of people they were without facing ridicule or discrimination. 

When my own sister came out of the closet several years ago, it was not a big deal, at least not to me and not to my family or my sister's closest friends. Once again I thought "so what?" and then I moved on. To me, my sister is the same blond-haired blue-eyed little devil child whose hair I used to pull when we were kids. Sure I'm 41 now and she's 40 but she's still the little girl I grew up with, the little girl I used to taunt and who used to taunt me back. She's the same sister who shot me in the leg with a bee bee gun. The same sister who used to side with me to gang up against our older brother and get him in trouble. When I found out she was gay, I thought, "ok so you're gay, anything good on TV tonight?" That's how much I cared---I didn't care. She's my sis. For life. Her being gay doesn't matter to me, it doesn't define who she is, the kind of person she is defines that.

These thoughts bring me to the issue of gay marriage and the fact that this nation is divided over it. I think about my gay friends and family members and ask myself why they shouldn't be allowed to get married to someone of the same gender. What is the big deal? How does a gay marriage threaten traditional marriage? How does it threaten society?  I've wracked my brain and I cannot come up with an answer to these questions essentially proving to me that the only answer is that there is no threat. Of course there are those are convinced that it will lead to the perversity, dysfunction and degradation of society. Sorry to burst the bubble but we're already there and it has nothing to do with gay people wanting to get married.  Besides, how can it be a bad thing for two people who love one another to want to share their lives together? How can it be a bad thing if those same two people want to adopt kids, especially kids who otherwise have no home? How can doing something good and positive for society possibly be immoral and wrong? My answer is it can't be.

The more I think about the fact that in most states in this nation gay people are not allowed to get married, the angrier I get at the ignorance and close mindedness that surrounds us. What business does our government have in marriage anyway? What right does the Congress of this Nation have in proposing laws that regulate marriage? What right does the President of the United States have to sign a "Defense of Marriage" Act anyway? Why should it be the government's business?  Exactly! It shouldn't be the their business!

Though it may be portrayed as such at times, this is not an issue related to one particular political party. Though it is true that Republicans are often identified as the main opponents of gay marriage there are just as many who vote Democrat who are against it too. Our own Democrat President and high ranking Democrat members of Congress are against it. In my opinion, this is more about religious beliefs.  While not all people with religious beliefs or even a belief in God believe that gay marriage is wrong, it seems that the opposition to it stems directly from religious doctrine. I was raised in a Christian-Jewish household. My parents taught us to accept others and appreciate our differences. I was not brought up to hate or discriminate and I was not brought up on a specific religious doctrine that preaches homosexuality is evil.  In my eyes, a person who is gay is just a person, like me. What right have I to judge their character based on the gender of the person they choose as a partner? When you think about it, it makes no sense that there is so much hate and discontent towards people simply because they are attracted to individuals of the same gender. I mean, what right do we as nation have to deny individuals the opportunity to share in the joy of marriage and adopting children and living "the American Dream" just because of one small insignificant thing like their partner's gender?  And yes, it is small and insignificant, or at least it should be.

I can't judge a person based on their gender preference for partners. I won't do it. My conscience won't let me. If I did it, I couldn't live with myself. I have three criteria I use to judge a person's character when I first get to know them: how they treat me, how they treat others and how they treat animals. If all three of those criteria receive positive marks chances are I want to get to know them better. If any one of those three is negative, I don't want to get to know them better. I don't care if they are gay or straight, it doesn't even matter to me. What matters to me is their heart and what kind of person they are inside.

I'm tired of us fighting over this issue. There's already enough hate and misery in the world, isn't it time that we finally put the brakes on the continued attempts to deny a segment of the population in our society the opportunity to be happy?

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Blame it on Seinfeld because he forced you to do a reality show...

It never ceases to amaze me that there are so many people unwilling to take responsibility for their own actions. Take the case of Howie Kohlenberg of New York City. He and his former wife appeared on Jerry Seinfeld's "The Marriage Ref" when they were married but his wife has now divorced him and he's bankrupt and facing eviction.

Kohlenberg says,"Jerry Seinfeld ruined my life" after his wife left him to pursue her own reality-show dream and her desire to be a Playboy centerfold. Kohlenberg claims he only went on the show to get publicity for his business, stating that the producers of the show told him he would be made famous and his business would get lots of publicity which never came to be.

The last thing a couple with marital problems should be doing is participating in a reality show in an effort to solve their disputes. If Kohlenberg and his wife were serious about saving their troubled marriage, they would have seen a counselor, privately.  But alas, it wasn't about saving their marriage, it was about the money and now look where it got them. They're divorced, she's doing a new reality show and living with some guy and he's broke and losing his home. If Kohlenberg wants to place blame, he needs to first look in the mirror.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Mommy Dearest!

This was originally published in June 2009 just a few months after dad passed away. It was mom's first birthday in 43 years without my dad. Instead of writing a new blog I wanted to repost this since it really says everything I truly feel.  I will let my writing speak for itself......

Well today is mom's birthday. I don't know where the time has gone. Seems like yesterday we were little kids and mom and dad were young and vibrant. The three of us kids never wanted for anything because mom and dad did the best they could in providing for us. That isn't about material things either, they weren't important, I'm talking about the parenting. They were always there for us, even when they made us do things we didn't want to do. They did it because they loved us. We had good parents who cared about us and loved us very much.

Mom is a good's a great person. She'll tell you she wasn't always like that, but trust me, she's always been like that. She's always been a caring soul. Ask her mother, her sister, and her best friend of nearly 50 years. I know that mom went through tough times getting married at 19 and having three kids by the age of 23. We were good kids but still three is a handful. She put up with a lot. But if you asked her if she'd do it all over again with all of us, she would say that she would.

Mom and I didn't always have the best relationship when I was younger but as we all know there's no manual on exactly how one should parent, so you have to play it by ear. Sometimes you get it right, sometimes you don't. I think mom was hard on me because she saw so much of herself in me. In fact I think she used to tell me that, only when your mom tells you that when you're a kid, you just don't buy it. Not till you are nearly 40 years old anyway! She wanted me to make choices different than she did, not that she regretted her choices, but most parents want their kids to have it just a little better than they did. Mom had a great upbringing with two parents who loved her dearly and took very good care of their girls. But I think mom wanted us kids to get out into the world and experience it first before settling down. See, she didn't do that, she went right from her parents home to marriage.

One of my favorite moments of my life is when mom used to sit at her typewriter, the old Olivetti that great uncle Doug gave her because he knew she loved to write. Dad made mom a desk in their bedroom right in front of a window between the two closets. And there she would sit, with her cigarette burning on one side and a hot cup of coffee on the other. Mom loved to sit there and pour her thoughts out on paper and she did a lot of it. She spent a lot of time there and I knew when she was sitting there, she was happy.

I have a lot of favorite moments with mom, it would take a book to talk about them all. Dad too, he was some kind of guy.

I wish I could tell you how much I love my mom, but I don't know that words could adequately describe it. And maybe that's ok because I am sure she knows. I know sometimes mom has regrets about the fights she and I had when I was a kid, but I always tell her "mom, it's ok, you did the best you could" and I say it not merely to make her feel better, but because I really mean it. Looking back, mom and dad did the best they could with we three kids.

Dad's been gone now for three months and it still hurts every day to know that he's gone and never coming back. But we have mom here, she's healthy and she's doing the best she can to make it without him. If I thought I couldn't imagine a life without pa here, I can only tell you that the thought of my mom no longer being here is even worse. Mom loves us kids, all three equally, but she has a different relationship with each one of us. That's because each of the three of us has distinctly different personality traits and characteristics. We're a lot alike but very different too. Mom sees different things in each of us, I would guess most parents do. Mom and I have a special relationship I can't explain. It isn't better than what she has with Kim and Dave, it's just different. I think that as we got older, we bonded more because we really are a lot alike, and I mean A LOT ALIKE! The more we hang out together and talk the more we realize it. It's something I am very proud of.

I moved back home from 1994-2001 and lived with my parents for seven years and I have to tell you it was some of the best times of my life, being there with them as I moved from my 20's into my 30's. We had a special bond and shared great times there I fondly remember always. I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss those days, I sure do. is only a few minutes away and I can see her anytime. And I know she's not planning on leaving us for quite some time.

Mom is really special, and to know her is to love her. You can't help but like her, she's just a nice person. I wish I could keep her here forever. I know I can't, but I tell you one thing, I love her more than she could ever know and I am thankful for every day of my life I have had on this earth because of her---and dad. I am who I am because of them. I owe them everything, especially my life.

Mom with my brother David and me in 1969.
This is the first birthday in 43 years that dad hasn't been here to give mom a birthday hug and kiss, I know she's feeling a little sad. But I also know she is happy that she has her life, her kids, her mother, sister and many others who love her. May this be a new start to the second half of what I pray is a very long and happy life.

I love you ma!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Praying for Indiana teen who survived two separate plane crashes which claimed his family...

My heart goes out to Austin Hatch of Fort Wayne Indiana. Austin survived a recent plane crash that killed his father and stepmother but this comes eight years after Austin and his dad survived a plane crash that killed his mother and two siblings. 

This young man has lost his entire family in two plane crashes in the span of eight years. I can't even imagine what he's going through on top of all his injuries.There's a reason he survived and I hope he makes it. Obviously there's a bigger plan for him than he could ever know. I just hope he's going to be ok and he can find a way to make it through this awful tragedy in his life.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mouse Hunt day #?: Mouse 4, Me 1

If you've been following the Mouse Hunt saga, you'll know that in the last episode we found our favorite detective kitties hunkered down in pounce mode on the floor in front of the refrigerator waiting for little mouse guy to come crawling out to play. Well, we haven't seen the mouse since, it's like "poof" it disappeared into thin air. I'm not complaining but given that the detective kitties did not actually find the mouse, they've been reduced to the rank of gumshoe until further notice, when they can prove they are worthy of promotion.

By the way it's only fair I give the mouse a point here. Now we're 4-1 and my odds of beating it are not good.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

What becoming a vegetarian did for me...

When I decided to become a vegetarian it was for one good reason: I just couldn't handle the way eating meat made me feel. I have never been a big meat eater to begin with so it wasn't a big deal to stop eating it. Also, I love vegetables and there are only two or three I won't eat so I have a wide variety of selection.

What I noticed after giving up meat was that I was less tired, more energetic and my digestive system function improved dramatically. There's a lot I can substitute to get the same vitamins and minerals and I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything. I also noticed a much improved choice in foods and changes in my eating habits too.
Whatever it takes to be healthy is the primary goal. Feeling good is important.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Requiring insurance for firearms an attempt to subvert gun ownership...

Thanks to my peeps Angel & Shane over at Fleming & Hayes  for this fabulous story from their home state of Massachusetts where State Rep Timothy Tooney has submitted House Bill 665, “An Act Relative to Firearms in the Commonwealth”.  which states in part,

No license to carry shall be issued pursuant to this section unless and until the applicant for the license or for the renewal of an existing license presents to the licensing authority a complete list of every handgun owned by the applicant along with a certificate of insurance verifying that the applicant has a valid insurance policy insuring against any harm or damage that might arise out of the use of each weapon on said list. The applicant shall swear under the penalties of perjury that said list is a complete list of all handguns owned by the applicant. The insurance policy shall be in an amount of at least $250,000 and shall list the specific weapons covered by the policy.

Generally insurance is necessary to ensure that in case of an unexpected incident "society" does not have to bear the costs associated with the incident. Life insurance takes care of an individual's loved ones when he or she dies, health insurance helps take care of costs when a person is ill, car insurance covers costs in case of an accident. Having this insurance ensures that the burden of cost is not borne by others and that's fine; but how would having firearm insurance to protect against "harm or damage" fit into this category?

Is there such an overwhelming number of cases in Massachusetts in which people are being harmed by handguns and the people are bearing the burden of cost, that the Legislature must step in and propose a law requiring handgun owners to carry special insurance?

Let's not mince words here. Let's just call this what it is. Bullshit. It's another desperate attempt by a politician with an obvious agenda, to subvert the people's right to carry firearms. Some of you might be asking why this is so important to someone who doesn't live in Massachusetts. Good question which I will answer with one simple word:  Precedence.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Loaning money to family members never a good idea...

Steve Bucci, Columnist at recently published a piece titled, "Should I sue my deadbeat in-laws?" (clink on link)

A couple loaned $16,000 to her parents, brother and sister and since that time four years ago, they've never seen one single penny of repayment. I feel for this couple. Here they were trying to do something nice and it blew up in their faces.

Loaning money to family members is always tricky because non-payment can cause real rifts in the relationship, in fact it can ruin entire families. If you're going to loan money to a family member, don't. If you insist, then either give it to them outright and don't require repayment or have them sign a legal document. Heck why not even ask for collateral?

I know a guy who, after his father died, asked his mother if he could borrow $20,000 to purchase a new and rather large bucket truck for his business. In any other circumstances the mother would not have had this money but her husband had left her a few life insurance policies after his death. When the loan was requested, the guy's mother hesitated briefly because her son had purchased something from his father years back and never paid him for it, but she figured this time things would be different, he's much older and more mature. She immediately wrote him a check for the $20,000 and he picked up the truck. Last I heard, it was sitting at his house now until he can get the required commercial license to drive it. It's been almost two years and the mother hasn't seen a dime from her son or his wife. They make excuses like business is slow and such but they seem to be keeping their heads above water, pay their mortgage and car payments and even buying things they need for themselves and their house. Business may be slow but I still don't understand how they can't write a check for just $50 per month and send to the mother. It astounds the mother because she knows that several years ago the two had borrowed money from the wife's mother and they paid her back regularly. So this woman is wondering why her son and daughter-in-law won't show her the same consideration. After all, she's not working, she is on social security disability and she lives off that and off the life insurance her husband left her when he died. What happened here is a son and daughter in law took advantage of a mother's kindness. It's a real shame.

The relationship between this woman and her son and between him and other family members is now strained because of this situation. He and his wife could do the right thing and begin paying his mother back but it will probably never happen. Obviously paying his mother back is not a priority for him. All I can say is it is dishonest and shows a complete lack of character and integrity and this is not at all how this guy was raised. 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Eleven years since Dustin was killed

Dustin Davenport Carter Inman, the only child of my cousin Kathy and her husband Billy, from Woodstock, Georgia, would have been 27 years old on May 23, 2011.

On June 16, 2000 he and his beloved dog Lucky died instantly in a car accident in Ellijay, Georgia. A vehicle driven by a man named Gonzalo Harrell-Gonzalez struck the family from behind at full force as they waited at a stoplight. The driver had fallen asleep at the wheel. The family had been headed for a weekend retreat in the mountains to celebrate Father's Day.

The man who killed Dustin and disabled Kathy for life, is an illegal alien who fled the scene and has never been apprehended despite being featured on "America's Most Wanted."

Dustin was a beloved son, grandson, nephew, cousin and friend and he will never be forgotten.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Kids need to learn actions have consequences

This story is disturbing on many levels.

In a nutshell, two students at two separate schools created fake profiles of their school principals on MySpace and posted many derogatory things about the principals, as if the statements were made by the principals themselves. When this was discovered, the students were punished by their respective schools. The ACLU jumped in arguing the schools had violated the students first amendment rights and had no jurisdiction in punishment since this did not take place during school hours and with use of school property.

In the first case, which can be found here, former student Justin Layshock used his grandmother's computer and created a fake profile of his principal making statements that the principal shoplifted, used drugs and steroids. While in the second case which is found here, a minor student who was not named used a computer at an off-campus location and created a profile of her principal making statements using sexually explicit language.

According to the AP, the Third Circuit ruled "in favor of both students, concluding that their online postings, however lewd or offensive, were not likely to cause significant disruptions at school and therefore constitute protected free speech."

So...if it is not disruptive it's ok and if it is disruptive it's not ok? Who decides if it is disruptive or not? How can posting derogatory information about someone as if it comes from them, for millions to see, not be disruptive? The ability of the principal to run his/her school is dependent on the principals authority and integrity. Wouldn't it be a fair assumption that when a person is defamed in such a manner, it does have repercussions on their reputation? Wouldn't their ability to effectively run the institution be in some way damaged?

The principals of these schools can still file civil lawsuits against these kids and their families for defamation but what will that accomplish? Parents can control their kids actions only so much. Taking everything the family owns to teach a lesson doesn't work. I don't know what punishment was handed out by the parents but nothing they could do to these kids could be ever be enough to emphasize the impact of their actions.

Kids have to be taught that actions have consequences. This begins at home and extends to school and beyond. Adults who have contact with children in some way, shape, or form have a responsibility to be good role models and teach this lesson. Kids need to be made to understand that making the decision to harm another human being in any manner  has severe repercussions, is considered unacceptable in a civilized society and is subject to punishment.

When I graduated from high school nearly 25 years ago, this kind of behavior would not have been tolerated, not by parents and not by the school officials. Unlike today, the parents and school officials during my school days would have been on the same page in regards to punishment and the parents never would have considered calling the ACLU for help. The rule back then was you play, you pay, period. 

My how far we've come.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

I got on a plane only to get off a plane just to get on a plane again LOL

I had this dream last night that I got on a plane and flew to some city in the west but it wasn't on the west coast, seems like it was in Nevada or Colorado. While I was on the plane, I realized I hadn't packed all my clothes and stuff so when I got to my destination I headed to the departures area and proceeded to buy a new ticket home. I think Michael Savage was next to me in line.

Ok that was just weird LOL!

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Who's gonna fill her shoes?

Matt Mitovich over at TVLINE is asking the $175,000 question: Who should be cast as Gregory House's next boss and Dean of Medicine?

Sadly, many loyal [H]ouse fans no longer care but still it angers them that this discussion is even taking place. Fox and NBCU could have avoided this mess altogether. For seven years, they had the terrifically talented Lisa Edelstein who was hands-down the best person for the role as House's boss, Dean of Medicine and longtime friend/colleague/adversary and then they lost her. I can't say given the change in character (which is odd considering Shore continuously beats us over the head with the idea that people don't change) plus the serious negotiation issues (likely related to salary and screentime among other things), that I blame Lisa for leaving the series. It's no secret that since Season 6, Cuddy's character seemed to be weaker for reasons yet unknown to millions of [H]ouse fans and in Season 7, Shore wrote House and Cuddy into a corner with no way out. 

Now TPTB find themselves in the position of having to hire someone to replace Lisa's presence but the looming question is, who? Can they find someone who:

1) is a worthy adversary of House and can go toe-to-toe with him?

2) has the same dynamic with both House and Wilson?

3)  is a strong captivating presence on screen and gets fans interested enough to forget whose shoes that person is trying to fill?

4) can be that influence and force in House's life that he needs which Cuddy has been for co many years?

5)  is willing to give up the opportunity to land a better role elsewhere in exchange for signing on for approximately 18 episodes and a salary of less than $175,000 per episode (Lisa's salary) to appear in a series that has lost ratings and viewers and is in its final season?

The answer to these questions is, in my opinion, a resounding "No".

One of the many things that made the dynamic of House and Cuddy so great was the close personal friendship and on-screen chemistry between Hugh and Lisa. They gave those characters life and their scenes, even with mediocre writing recently, were nothing short of amazing.  In addition, there's the long history of House and Cuddy going all the way back to their college days and because they know each other so well inside and out it has always been an important foundation for their relationship both personally and professionally. There is a reason Cuddy is the only person who could ever reign House in and keep him grounded. There is a reason that House, despite his misery, snark and sarcasm was always able to get through to Cuddy and push her to be a better doctor and Dean.

I'd say the task of replacing her character is easier said than done. The weak writing of Lisa Edelstein's character in Seasons 6 and 7 makes one wonder what they will do to her replacement. Also, who would want to be the person who replaces Cuddy? She was a beloved character portrayed by an equally beloved actress. Who would want to step into that role in the final season of the series? 


Monday, June 06, 2011

When the people's trust is breached...

Being elected to serve a constituency, serving the people's best interests should be considered an honor. Earning a vote is the equivalent of earning trust which is the reason when an elected official engages in unethical, dishonest, or illegal behavior their ability to make good sound judgments is immediately placed in question. As it should be. Should engaging in this kind of behavior be grounds for resignation?


While we the people should not be so naive as to expect our elected officials to be infallible, we should expect that when they take the oath of office they clearly understand the set of moral, legal, and ethical obligations that come with it.  Just as one takes responsibility for accomplishments, one must take responsibility for failures and this means when an elected official engages in irresponsible, inappropriate or questionable behavior, he or she must put their own personal ambitions and goals aside and resign.Once the people's trust is breached, it cannot be repaired. The resignation indicates that elected official accepts the responsibility for his/her mistakes and respects the office enough to honor and maintain the integrity of that office.

Serving in public office is voluntary, not mandatory and any individual who does not feel up to the task of accepting the obligations of public office should either step down or better yet, not run at all. Of course there are those who find it difficult to relinquish the power, but how soon they forget that the seat does not belong to the individual, it belongs to the people. As such the people have a right to demand their elected representative exhibit the characteristics of leadership which includes among other things, personal ethics, trustworthiness, and competency.

The individual who cannot meet these standards need not apply.

Sunday, June 05, 2011

I can't make heads or tails of this dream, but then neither will you...

I'm known far and wide for my outrageous dreams, I've come to accept them as just a part of who I am. Every night it's something incredible and so vivid. I normally remember nearly everything. The dream I had last night was so vivid. I should have written about it when I woke up at 4 am this morning because I've forgotten so much about it now. Here's what I do remember for now and if more comes to me I'll add it in.

There were a whole bunch of people I knew, we were divided into teams and we had to solve this puzzle which consisted of many tiers, many layers, different questions and we moved around a lot finding the answers. It was a brutal and very stressful competition.

There was a lot of fighting among members of my team.

Towards the end of the competition, there was one final puzzle we hd to solve. We were standing in front of this glass encased booth, like a ticket booth at a movie theatre. There was this slot that opened and you had to crawl up into it and it was small and there was no way we could fit up there. It was like a tunnel of sorts.

I remember time limits on answering some questions.

In the end, we were in a stadium in Miami which is where the competition was held and it was after dark and my team, the winning team, could not get out because the stadium was locked up. I tried to find a phone to call my dad to see if he could get someone to let us out.

I think I recall us being scared about something. Someone was out to get us. I was really anxious to get out of that stadium. 

I wound up getting in touch with someone from maintenance on the inside of the stadium to let us out. Took forever to get out of the stadium, we were walking down these ramps.

Friday, June 03, 2011

Hey David Shore, we seem to have missed the punchline...

If I tell a joke to one person and they don't get it, it could be that either they are an idiot or I didn't tell it right.

If I tell that joke to 20 million people and they don't get it, chances are I'm the idiot.

Wouldn't you agree?

Right now millions of [H]ouse fans aren't getting David Shore's "joke" which means he's the idiot. Apparently Shore didn't tell the "joke" right because never in the history of this series has there been a fan backlash like what has come to be with the Season 7 finale. Sure we might have thought the finale was awesome, but that is in acting only. The acting on part of our lead characters was pure brilliant as always. But...we just didn't like the way the finale played out. It just seemed like a dream and completely wrong. 

Shore once said that he doesn't base storylines on what the fans want to see. To a point I can go along with that. The fans want different things and certainly he can't please everyone. However, when you take the lead character and turn him from hero to antihero then it's pretty serious. Right now as it stands with a majority of fans who are making their voices known, though Hugh has portrayed House brilliantly in every episode for seven years, the character House is no longer redeemable. He's done the unthinkable. Since "Bombshells", he's gone to a dark place from which there is no return. In fact fans were so disgusted at the fall House was taking into this dreary place, we hoped that everything form Bombshells on was one big fat coma-induced dream. In fact, we are still hoping that the finale was a daydream concocted by House as he recovers from his leg surgery and his emotional issues during a lengthy sabbatical on a tropical island. Though Shore tells us recently that the finale was very real and that there will be personal, professional, and legal repercussions for House, common sense and logic tells longtime fans that there's no way for House to overcome this and keep the show in canon, if it's real.

Seven years of amazing brilliance has led us to this moment. All we can do is shake our heads and wonder how we got here from there.

The sad thing is that "Classic House" is gone forever. You remember "Classic House" right? The episodes we watched over and over again, the great lines and memorable moments we watch and recite over and over again. These were the days that were not so long ago...House being snarky as hell but lovable, the House-Wilson antics, the House-Cuddy tug of war, Wilson getting in between House and Cuddy, House messing with his team, House messing with the patients, clinic duty, a little piano playing, and riveting POTW stories. It was dramatic, mysterious and fun all wrapped up in one. House was a misanthropic jerk but we loved him, he was as funny as he was brilliant. The character is now just a shell of what he once was. And still Hugh makes it play out brilliantly. That's what makes him worth watching.

The only way we can get "Classic House" back is if Lisa Edelstein returns to the show, the character and POTW stories are made more challenging and stronger like they used to be, if the show returned to canon, and the events of the finale deemed not real. 

Shore and his people have been doing a lot of backpedaling recently and it has longtime fans wondering what's going on. In a recent interview Shore & Co. claim that the House/Cuddy story was an important force on the show and that many people tuned in because of it. If they openly admit now that the relationship since day one has been a driving force, why did they intentionally put the characters together to destroy it? House and Cuddy shared a longtime friendship since college. We remember the dynamic of earlier seasons. We hoped they would eventually get together. But had we known that it would end this way we would have much rather have things the way they were prior to Season 6. Those were the best House-Cuddy years.

If you take a look at all the promotion put into House and Cuddy's relationship in Season 7 it is simply unbelievable we find ourselves at this juncture. Photos, promos, articles about the House-Cuddy relationship were everywhere. Fox was promoting this thing like nothing else ever on [H]ouse. It just seems odd that all that promotion and six years of chemistry was just another story arc with a beginning, middle, and end. It just makes no sense. I've seen interviews with Lisa Edelstein from previous seasons and she was admittedly excited about her role as Cuddy and the longtime dysfunctional relationship (personal and professional) with House. I have to wonder if part of her reason for not returning (in addition to the contract issues) was indeed writing of her character this season, although Shore claims that is not the reason.

Shore and Yaitanes also claim that House was not intending to harm Cuddy when he drove his car into her house.  How are we supposed to know his intentions? Granted I don't think he intended to hurt anyone but that's just my opinion. Knowing the character as I do, I believe he'd hurt himself first before he hurt Cuddy or Rachel. He'd have to have lost his mind. But how can he be even temporarily insane if he walked away from the scene of the crime at the end and then high-tailed it to a foreign country? Obviously he knows what he did was wrong. So much for temporary insanity. Though the powers that be had House suffering serious hurt and depression in the last 7 episodes of the season, his character could have been capable of anything in that frame of mind. But why did they have to go there? It's just NOT the House we've grown to love over the past seven years. Turning our jerky hero into the unredeemable anti-hero makes no sense. It also alienates viewers. Even worse is that without Cuddy in Season Eight, there's not even a chance to undo this mess and make things right.

The writers have been doing interviews lately which appear to be justifying the stories they've been writing. A good story doesn't need justification, the writers don't need to explain their intentions. The story speaks for itself, as it has in the past. Seasons 1-5 were very funny, season 6 was pretty good although adding Lucas and making Cuddy less strong in character was a disaster. Season 7 had a few funny moments prior to the episode which changed everything, "Bombshells" and afterwards it was dark and dreary.

This backpedaling certainly speaks volumes but will all the explanations really matter? I don't think so. Shore says they have to figure out how to write Season Eight without Cuddy now that Lisa isn't returning to the show in the role up until as late as April she talked about how much she has loved and promoted widely (which leads us all to wonder what in hell happened in the negotiations?) and he talks about how Season 8 is going to be great and exciting and he's going to bring in a few new people to replace Cuddy. Nobody can replace Cuddy. She wasn't just Dean of Medicine, she was a vital part of the show, especially House's life both personally and professionally. The dynamic that once existed between House and Cuddy and even House, Cuddy and Wilson is gone forever. We have seen the last of fun times between House and Wilson and we have seen the last of the great banter and tug of war between House and Cuddy. Sure, the show is about House but it's also about all of the forces in his life and one of those big forces was Cuddy.

This mess is all Shore's fault, the buck stops with him. He really screwed up the punchline on this one leaving us all wondering WTF?

Mouse Hunt day #3, Mouse 3, Me 1

YES!!! I finally scored a point!

I have no idea why I fell asleep in my recliner last night but I did. I think I was reading, set the netbook aside and just passed out. Woke up at 3:30 am with Baby Kitty sitting on me meowing. I noticed a figure on the floor in the kitchen sitting in front of the stove. It was Pebbles and she stayed there for some time so she must have seen the little mouse bastard last night.

Checked the nightstand drawers this morning and no signs of mice. Checked the dresser drawers, all of which were emptied last night, no signs. This morning while I was making breakfast, Baby Kitty was trying to get her little paws under the fridge. I think she knows something's there. Goodness, at least ONE of them is doing something about this.

Score a win for me, for now anyway. The day isn't over yet. LOL

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Mouse Hunt Day #2: Mouse 3, Me 0

Ok if anyone had ever told me I'd get my ass kicked and handed to me by a little mouse I would have told them to shut up. How could I ever admit that I got my ass handed to me by a little bitty mouse.

I mean seriously, how ever would I face my fans again? How embarassing.

Ok I cannot tell a lie and well if I don't tell you the cats will for sure because they think it's funny. But yes, I got my ass handed to me by---a mouse. A little friggin mouse. You can have your laugh now but trust me someday---this could be you!

Yesterday I thought it was the end of it but nooo...the little bastard came back for more, unless this is like the brother or sister mouse or maybe the cousin visiting from the city? Perhaps this mouse is the mischievous ADHD "Dennis the Menace" mouse from across the street. This morning for shits and giggles I decided to peek in my nightstand drawer, no mouse. I breathed a sigh of relief just before I noticed a mouse dropping. "Hmm" I thought "I know I cleaned this out last night." But I dismissed it thinking I'd missed something. So I cleaned it up again. Then I opened the other nightstand drawer and that little BASTARD had found something to shred and was in THAT drawer. Once again, we dragged THAT nightstand out into the kitchen and on our way out the back door when the little bastard jumped out from the back and went under the fridge.

By this time I was cursing everybody. I was shouting things that would make sailors blush. Having actually been a sailor, I can tell you that the language you learn in the military is sort of a gift that keeps on giving if you know what I mean.

Oh wait before I continue, let me back up a moment and interject with a "yes, we have cats". In fact we have two that are ours--Peepers and Pebbles and one that we're fostering because our asshole next door neighbor let the cat roam free and refused to take care of her. Her name is Baby Kitty. Where were they? Glad you asked. One was sleeping, the other was relaxing (you know tough night roaming the house and all) and the other one was meowing for absolutely no reason as she usually does morning, noon and night. The latter would be Baby Kitty aka "The Attention Whore". 

So there we are, having to get ready for work and a mouse under the fridge. At this point I was like "I don't give a damn" because we needed to leave for work by 6:15 and I still hadn't cooked breakfast yet.  Luckily it wasn't more than a few minutes when Pebbles the Trusty Maine Coon got wind of the mouse under the fridge and proceeded to take up residency in front of the appliance ready to pounce if necessary. We left for work hoping that when we got home we would something that once resembled a mouse on the floor somewhere.

I arrived home first and proceeded to checked every room, every corner with a flashlight. I found no bodies or remnants of battle. Frustrated, I turned to the kitties and asked them what in hell they did all day long and they just looked at me with that "hurt" expression as if I didn't understand what a tough job it was being a cat home alone in the air conditioning all day long. 

Figuring they were of no use at that moment in time, I got busy cleaning the house (it's usually clean but needed some routine tidying) and did lots of vacuuming, and organized, put all food away and cleaned off my counters. It was about 7 pm when I decided it might be a good idea to check the dresser drawers again. And what in hell did I find? The mouse got into one of the drawers and had shredded two pairs of underwear. So then I had to clean out all the drawers, put the clean clothes in sealed bins and stacked them, tossed the shredded stuff, cleaned out the drawers and now they are all empty. I went into the closet and put all the shoes we don't wear into sealed bins.

It wasn't until about an hour ago I realized that I was being held hostage by something that weighs less than a sheet of notebook paper and is no bigger then a bottle of ibuprofen. Seriously. What would my caveman ancestors think? I'm already battle weary. The mouse has suckered me three times. This is getting old. Next thing you know the damn thing will be tweeting victory and have its own damn facebook account.

I may be war weary but it isn't over yet. No way.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Mouse Hunt Day #1: Mouse 1, Me 0

It was a peaceful day, the kind of day where you get a lot of stuff done at work and nobody bothers you with stupid questions. That was the kind of day I had except for the fact that I had forgotten to take my medication (Effexor) which left me slightly discombobulated by 3 pm. Bad idea to forget to take your daily meds! And let's just say it's a good thing nobody messed with me today.

Anyway, around 7pm I needed to take a claritin because my allergies were bothering me. I opened my nightstand and am greeted by a OMFG--MOUSE! Yes, a mouse and not the life size one that bebops around Disney either. This was a little bitty mouse crawling around in my stuff. There was a shredded kleenex in the drawer. I screamed. Yes, I did. What did you expect me to do? It's a mouse in my house for pete's sake. Did I mention it was in my NIGHTSTAND drawer? That sits next to my bed!?!

So we did what any normal folks would do when faced with rodents in places they should not be--like MY NIGHTSTAND DRAWER---we dragged the heavy wood nightstand out into the kitchen and onto the back porch. Proceeded to dump the contents out of the drawers and little mouse guy ran away. Ok fine, picked up all the stuff, dumped most of it and cleaned the drawers and put back in the room. Go to the other nightstand and notice there's droppings in it so we have to clean it too. I'm pissed because now I'm behind schedule but I deal with it. And oh by the way I did finally take my medication!

Let's see if the little bastard returns....where is Nathan Lane when I need him? LOL