Monday, January 30, 2012

[H]ouse, M.D. Episode 8x10 "Runaways"

Anyone notice that House popped Vicodin twice in tonight's episode? Notice he's doing it rather discreetly in the sense that he covers the pill bottle completely with his hand and doesn't flaunt it like he used to. This must be the kindler, gentler, Vicodin abusing House.

My dislikes:
  • Foreman and the new girlfriend. Boring. Seriously, I'm surprised they lasted that long. In regards to relationships Foreman never struck me as shallow so it was kind of odd that he decided to break it off because it lost it's excitement once he found out she told her husband.
  • Taub. Anything to do with Taub. And yes, including those adorable babies of his Sophia and Sophie.
  • Wilson giving Taub advice about child-rearing. Really? The guy's been married three times and oddly enough people still take his advice. Well everyone but House that is, because he's smart enought to know better.  Not to mention haven't we seen this before...oh yeah when Cuddy couldn't bond with baby Rachel and Wilson gave her advice on that
  • Adams's insane moral compass and this need she has to right every wrong. Cut the crap people. She's not Cameron, she's not Masters. Why are they trying to make her into one or both?
  • Park. Period. Need I say more?
  • The episode just kind of felt like it was missing something. It wasn't funny, interesting, riveting or exciting. That said, Hugh Laurie can make reading the ingredients on a loaf of bread Emmy worthy so....

My likes:
  •  House making his team meet him for breakfast thirty miles away under the guise of "just because I can" when really he was out to spy on Foreman and the married girlfriend. Remember, "Oh HI Dean Foreman!" and House waiving like an idiot. :)
  • Chase doing peek-a-boo and talking about sex in front of Taub's baby girls. 
  • House wanting to protect that girl from her mother. Seems to me that his philosophy is that it's better to have no parent than a crappy one who doesn't care about you.
  • House skeet shooting, three attempts, three misses. He may be one hell of a diagnostician but his aim sucks LOL!  By the way, someone should ask David Shore what an ex-con is doing with a shotgun? Hmm...
    • The first part of the end dialogue between House and Adams. Adams: "She said when her mom slips again she didn't want to be there, she'd rather remember her how she is now."  That could go for House's thoughts about his father in that he would rather remember few good times he had with his dad (we know they existed, remember Braveheart?) and there's also the possibility that it it might have referenced Cuddy in that it would have been better for her had they not been involved as a couple at all, that they remember the good times they once shared. Neither of those things are implied when he says this but I thought might as well throw them in.
    • The second part of the end dialogue between House and Adams. House: "I was looking to solve the case, not their lives. I don't care if the people who work for me are screwed up, I even encourage it. But absolution, you do it on your own time. Or not at all. Because clearly you suck at it."  I thought that was a low blow, but I think he's trying to teach her a lesson here, how her guilt complex isn't going to make her a better doctor. Adams and her moral compass are annoying. Cameron's never bothered me so why does it bother me with Adams? Because I feel like everything Adams does is motivated by a sense of guilt whereas with Cameron it seemed her wanting to do good was because she really wanted to do good. 
    • House telling the mother that her daughter hates her and that she should hate her.  House has some serious parent-related issues and still we're not getting a glimpse into them and it's driving me crazy. House has never gotten over his dad's abuse but I wonder if secretly he harbors resentment at his mother for letting it go on. The question is will we ever really know why Blythe House didn't step in and save her son? We can assume the reason he was able to function properly as an adult has something to do with her but there's more to it. I'm worried when Blythe House shows up in March, we're going to be treated to antics and not some serious mother-son time.
    • House leaving that pill bottle next to the mother to prove his theory "people don't change" when it backfired on him. People do change, well at least sometimes. The mother changed, the daughter didn't.
    • Oh yeah and how can I forget! The Confederate soldiers in the clinic. LMAO. "One of us is in the wrong time zone, if it's me I need to talk to a stockbroker and anyone in the Kennedy family, in that order."  I absolutely love the look House gave them when they walked out of the exam room the first time. I was laughing my ass off on their second visit, puking their guts out. And by the way, what self-respecting true confederate wears a polyester uniform?

    This episode was just filler in anticipation of next week's critically acclaimed episode. I have it on excellent authority it's well...excellent. Let me add, that next week's episode "Nobody's Fault" is episode 11 and supposed to be the most outstanding of the season so far.

    I love the character Gregory House. I love Wilson and Chase. I miss the old Foreman. I can't stand Taub except for his snarkiness (I love it when he gives it back to House) and I can't stand Park or Adams. 

    It's because I've watched House's journey from the very beginning that I am bound and determined to see it through to its logical....or illogical conclusion.  Can't wait till next week!

    BTW, has anyone seen Katie Jacobs?


    1. I want Thirteen to come back. I realize that isn't going to happen, but she's more interesting than the new girls and she takes abuse better.

    2. Hey Steve. I miss her too because I thought she was interesting. She had kinda this father/daughter relationship with House I liked.