Tuesday, February 14, 2012

[H]ouse, M.D. Episode 8x12 "Chase"

Best thing about this episode:

1) The interactions between Chase and House.

2) House trying to nail Taub with the water balloons, paintball gun and other assorted objects.

Sorry but I'm still not sold on Park (as cute as she might seem) or Adams. Frankly I just see them as filler, but hey what do I know?

In the end we learned that House does care about Chase (of course we've known it all along but this reaffirms it for us), so much that he doesn't want Chase to make stupid and stubborn decisions that will end with him being miserable and lonely. That final conversation between House and Chase spoke volumes about how House feels about all the bad decisions he's made in relationships, how he threw away what he had with Stacy by pushing her out of his life and again how he threw away what he had with Cuddy, not just by taking the Vicodin to be with her after surgery but also that he couldn't just talk to her after the breakup, instead resorting to pills, hookers, with the anger and sadness building up in him to such a level that it forced him to act out in a physically destructive manner.

As to House and Taub, well I bought the idea that House was trying to teach Taub that self defense classes are great but you can't protect yourself from the unexpected, not completely. House's methods are unusual but they work. As Taub said, House does make them better. And that he does.

I particularly enjoyed the final scene when Chase resumes his seat at the DDX conference table, House looks at him and nods/smiles ever so slightly and Chase acknowledges. I loved it. So much said in those moments. That is who House is, remember he's a man of action not words.

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