Saturday, March 10, 2012

College students weigh in on Lincoln, slavery, etc.

My pal Gabi and I attended the "Constitution and Civil War" exhibit at the campus library a few weeks ago. The library set out several whiteboards so students could have their say. Let's take a look.

There some amazingly intellectual and well-thought out comments such as:

And this. You have to admit Lincoln faced tough competition from Bob Dylan and Eric Clapton, surpassing Clapton only because of his kickass rendition of "Layla" on spoons...

I get the impression this young lady really only wanted Lincoln for his hat...

One clever student realized that Lincoln didn't do enough for white men. Yes, that's because he spent all his time freeing slaves...and oh yes playing Clapton hits on spoons.

It was nice to see that some students actually took the exhibit seriously...

...which didn't last I was standing next to a student who saw the remark on the white board below and said "Lauryn Hill...isn't that the chick that black Supreme Court Justice sexually harassed?" 

It's good to know that college students are so well-versed on the goings-on in their nation. Don't you think?

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