Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dear David Shore. A letter from an analytical viewer.

Not only is she a gifted musician with a beautiful voice but my friend Kate is gifted when it comes to the written word. She is a longtime fan of the show [H]ouse, M.D. and writes her own analysis of the episodes. Her blog "Diagnosing House" is, in her words, "dedicated to the in-depth character study of those on the television show House, MD. Rather than review episodes, I analyze them in homage to the writing team. In this regard, I hope to uncover the heart of the episode and help the reader see the show through a different lens."

Kate has never failed to do just that and then some and so I'd like to introduce to you her latest piece of literary perfection. It is titled "Dear Mr. Shore"   and rather than tell you what she wrote, I'd like you to read it for yourself. 

Trust me, it is simply amazing.


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