Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Another crazy ass dream, normal for me....

I had the craziest dream last night and need to talk about it before I forget.

Dad was dead, and for some reason mom had to sell the house and land and moved into a condo. We were really upset over this, we hoped someone hadn't bought it because my sister and I talked mom into getting every person we knew and getting the cash together to buy the property back. I can't tell you how devastated we were that someone else could be inhabiting what has become known worldwide as "Clackum's Corner" LOL I mean nobody will ever live there but our family, it's our land, we own it!

Okay so after we're dead then what? Put that thought aside for a moment.

Anyway, we drove by the place hoping it wasn't sold and sure enough we saw a pickup truck there, someone was living in the house. The land looked nice, like they were taking care of it and they had done some different things to the house, like adding another door where one hadn't been before. Also instead of the pretty yellow color it is now, it was a few shades lighter. The place looked slightly smaller too.

We were devastated to see it was owned so we decided to find a way to boot them out. My sister, mom and me went inside the house and scared them out. We were ghosts, apparently they couldn't see us but we could throw things around and push them and they'd go flying, but they could not see us. It was fun and I sort of felt bad because what if we did wind up getting the house back and someone did that to us? But we kept up our antics until finally they were ready to move out. Turns out they were only renting the place!  We got in touch with the realtor and told her we were ready to take it off her hands. Apparently it was being offered for a very good price. I remember in the dream thanking dad thinking that somehow his ghost had helped us.

Now, dreams never really mean what they appear to mean. My dad is dead, my mom owns the house and land outright, has plenty of money, and is never going to lose the property.

So what DOES it mean? You decide.

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