Thursday, April 19, 2012

Your tax dollars at work...

Around 7 am yesterday morning I sat in my office on campus and watched as one of the University's bucket trucks set up shop in the courtyard behind my building. The truck ran for about thirty minutes with a guy just sitting in the front seat. About 7:30, two other guys showed up. The guy in the truck got out and climbed into  the bucket of the truck and worked his way over to a large oak tree where he proceeded to pick moss off the tree branches. In the meantime the other two stood below watching him.

This worker spent a couple of hours pulling/picking moss off one of the branches. I figured he would be working on the entire tree because it was on most of the big branches. At least three hours after they began, the bucket drops to the back of the truck, is covered up and the three guys take off, never to return. I'm left wondering "WTF was that?" Two branches, one large, one small were picked free of moss while the rest of the tree remained covered in it.

What in hell was that all about? We can't get our windows washed because of budget cuts but they can afford to send a guy out in a big bucket truck to pick moss off two tree branches? Seriously?

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  1. If it just weren't so damned funny LOL