Monday, June 18, 2012

The issue of illegal immigration: Doing something is better than doing nothing.

I posted a rant on Facebook recently related to our politicians in Congress not getting off their asses and solving the problem of illegal immigration. The problem I am referring to is what to do with the current illegal immigrants in this country. We've heard both Democrats and Republicans complain about this problem but none of them has come up with any viable solutions. Why? Because most of the solutions are pretty radical and bound to get them kicked out of office. They're afraid to take the risk, afraid to lose their jobs.

The way I see it is we only have two choices: 

1) Round up and deport every illegal alien in this country
2) Grant amnesty to every illegal alien in this country (those without criminal records of course)

I'm not necessarily in favor of either however I am smart enough to know that something needs to be done. Republicans arguing #1 and Democrats arguing #2 isn't getting us anywhere either. Whatever solution we come up with, someone isn't going to be happy and someone in Congress is going to lose their job. What we don't want is what is currently taking place, the President of the United States (any President, not just our current one) attempting to solve the problem via Executive Order. I hate EO's because, even though they are perfectly legal, I've always felt like they usurped Congressional authority and the will of the people an EO in one administration can be nullified with an EO from a future administration.

My proposal isn't popular, it's not ideal, but it's something.  Amnesty for illegal immigrant would require:
  1. Complete paperwork including required fees which are not more excessive than for legal immigrants
  2. Submit to a background check including fingerprints with those prints compared to nationwide police crime databases and INTERPOL
  3. Receive special ID card assigning special "temporary" status while awaiting background check
  4. Complete citizenship classes, English language classes, and undergo routine physical
  5. Issue temporary work permit number (it's the ss card for legal aliens) while in temporary status (waiting for final clearance).
  6. Issue green card once individual successfully completes/clears entire process. 
  7. Individual must apply for naturalization within the allotted period of time or lose status and must return to their country.
  8. Individuals receive permanent social security number upon naturalization.
  9. Individuals who fail background check will be placed in temporary custody awaiting trial for crimes or deported to home countries with permanent ban on any ability to receive legal status in the US. 
  10. Individuals who do not pass routine physical, who have any communicable diseases are placed in quarantine or deported. 
By the way I'm not sure of the steps in the process for legal immigrants when they get the green card and then when they apply for naturalization but I believe the same steps should apply to them so if anything I wrote in this conflicts with that, just take it in stride...I'm not an immigration expert :)
Anyway, mine are just a few ideas. What's the problem with the above? Enforcement. The government of this country would have to hire a whole lot of people to handle this. Okay fine, let's spend the money to do it. Finally, let's just do it. Why? Because there's no way in hell you can do a mass deportation. Besides, a great number of these illegal immigrants perform jobs other people won't do. I have a friend who lives in a small town in horse country. Every day on her way to and from work she passes a group of men in her town who congregate together just sitting there bullshitting and doing nothing. When people stop to offer them work, they turn it down. Meanwhile the Mexican individuals living in that area are offered work and they take it immediately. 

Solving this problem is going to cost us time and money, it's going to piss off a lot of people and cost some politicians their jobs, but at least we'll be doing something. Right now we're paying Congress to do nothing. Which makes more sense to you?

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  1. I think you've come up with a sensible and very viable solution to deal with this problem. Now the question is, why hasn't this been done by the individuals who get paid to do this?? I'd vote for you in a heartbeat!-