Friday, June 29, 2012

ObamaCare: "Undocumented aliens not subject to the law"

According to the ruling, "The individual mandate requires most Americans to maintain "minimum essential" health insurance coverage. The mandate dos not apply to some individuals such as prisoners and undocumented aliens."

The number of undocumented aliens aka unauthorized immigrants in this country is estimated between seven and eleven million according to different sources such as DHS and the Pew Hispanic Center. Now we can be fairly certain those individuals are not able to purchase health care plans.  What options do they have for health care?

  1. Pay for medical care in cash as they receive it
  2. Receive no health care at all
  3. Go to the emergency room
Given the high cost of just a routine doctor's visit without health insurance, we can pretty much rule out #1 for most. I would say that #2 is an option though an individual with more than just a minor injury/illness will have to seek care eventually or die. That leads us to #3 which would be the likely course of action especially for families with children.  The emergency room is the only viable alternative.

So the question I have is, in regards to the mass numbers of individuals who are here illegally and utilizing the health care system, how does the Affordable Care Act take care of that problem? No matter what that bill does, it does not address that issue.

Whether we like it or not, health care costs money. People have to be paid, equipment has to be purchased, facilities need to be maintained. The only way to do this is with money. Hospitals cannot continue to treat massive numbers for free, eventually it can't sustain itself.

Why is there no provision in this Act requiring individuals who are here illegally to pay into the system?  It's simple....we can't find them, can't trace them, we don't know who they are. The government is shifty, utilizing the IRS as the collecting agency and tying in the identification of one's existing health care plan or payment of the health care tax on the IRS tax forms meaning most people, especially those who file taxes, can't escape it. Yet there is a rather large group of individuals in this country who cannot obtain health care, who utilize the system daily, without the ability to pay and yet this Act, for all its perceived greatness, does nothing to remedy that.

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  1. Anonymous7/03/2012

    No money, No ER service period,