Thursday, June 28, 2012

ObamaCare: "When the penalty/tax is cheaper than the insurance premium"

My good friend Sarah made this comment on my Facebook page that is worth repeating here:

"695 per individual/2078 per family - that means that if you cannot find healthcare for $58/mo for an individual and a family plan for $178/mo. you can just pay the tax... No one can find healthcare that cheap. I am self-employed, have NO help from my employer, have NO help from anyone and I pay $350/mo for a family plan ($4200/yr). Hmm, sounds like a plan... I'll cancel my policy and pay the tax. Then, when my health conditions get so bad I need emergency medical care, I can file bankruptcy and you can pay for my $200,000 hospital stay or my $1M cancer... I like this Obama care thing. It's cheaper than what I'm doing now, and hospitals will treat me just as well as you even if I can't pay!!! I'm gonna save oodles!  

Oh, and without health insurance, I can use the ER as my doctor's office. Never mind $30 co-pays, who needs 'em? You and the rest of the taxpayers can foot the bill through your insurance companies for the ER diagnosing my $400 case of strep throat! What do I care if your policy costs you $5 more a month next year? I get the best care in the world for FREE!"

Sarah makes an excellent point. 

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