Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Problem solving requires flexibility unless you work in a bureaucracy!

I had a problem that needed solving today but everywhere I turned I was met with the doors of bureaucracy closing in my face. Therefore, I've made an executive decision which will make my life really simple. I'm going to get myself a Magic 8 Ball and keep it in my office. Every time someone gives me a problem which I am required to solve, I'm going to pick up the ball and give them the answer. This, of course, will be quite in line with how things are run at this institution of higher education--where everything is so damn inflexible. 

There are only TWENTY possible answers one will get:

    ● It is certain
    ● It is decidedly so
    ● Without a doubt
    ● Yes – definitely
    ● You may rely on it
    ● As I see it, yes
    ● Most likely
    ● Outlook good
    ● Yes
    ● Signs point to yes
    ● Reply hazy, try again
    ● Ask again later
    ● Better not tell you now
    ● Cannot predict now
    ● Concentrate and ask again
    ● Don't count on it
    ● My reply is no
    ● My sources say no
    ● Outlook not so good
    ● Very doubtful
So...people better hope the answer is in that ball, because if it's not, they're totally screwed!


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