Thursday, July 26, 2012

Last night's dream...

I had this dream last night that I was living at mom and dad's house again and dad was still alive in this dream. I was getting ready for work, in my old room and going through the closet trying to find something to wear. Took me what appeared to be hours just to find the right outfit. I wasn't happy so I kept changing my clothes. Finally, mom came into my room and told me she had some of my jeans in the dryer so she brought them to me along with one of her pullover shirts. I put the outfit on but didn't like the shirt because it had a birdshit stain on it! I changed into a red top with shortsleeves and it kept pulling near the shoulders but I kept it on anyway.

I remember going outside to get in the car then going back inside the house to change again. My dad was getting really annoyed too that I couldn't make up my mind. I kept worrying about being late for work. Finally I decided on an outfit, then went outside to get in my car and realized it was at the place that changes my oil and does routine maintenance on my car. The car I was looking for though was a '91 Pontiac Grand Am (in reality, my former vehicle), not the 2004 Corolla I'm driving now. When I got out there there were several other cars, and I noticed one that I thought was mine ( I wondered what it was doing there considering it was supposed to be in the shop), but when I got closer I realized my brother was under the hood an some guy was on the passenger's side. When I got right next to it I realized it was a junk car, something that had no top on it and they had pulled out of a junkyard to mess around with.

I asked someone that was there, a woman I didn't recognize, if I could drive her car but instead of the nice one she had, she directed me to this old clunker that was the length of an old Cadillac but had the body style of a Buick. It was an old piece of shit and I asked her, "Does this run?" and she replied, "Oh yeah!" so I got in the car and proceeded to go to work.

I got into the car and proceeded down this dirt road, with her behind me. I needed to get off this dirt road to merge left onto the regular street. She was in her car behind me then wound up on the paved road I was trying to merge on, heading in the same direction. I can't remember anything after that.

There were some recurring themes here, things that occur in most of my other dreams:

  • can't find my car
  • late for work 
  • living at my parents house
  • no car for me to drive
    Sometimes the dreams have just one of the above, sometimes all three.

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