Thursday, December 20, 2012

Had a dream I was a General leading my troops in battle

Last night's dream. This is one of the most unusual yet!

I was somehow elected to serve in the position in the army, in what I think was a different time period, perhaps a past era (almost seemed ancient), where I sat in this wooden chair and it elevated and I'd have this old piece of paper in my hand and have to hold on to the arms of the chair and lift up a bit and it would engage us in battle. As long as I had the paper and held it during the battle I was good. I can't remember how I was put in charge of this army. We didn't fight with guns we used arrows as did our enemies. We'd know it was time to engage the enemy when we'd hear this noise, it was almost like music or something, I can't remember. I just knew that when it was time to go into battle, I had to get into this wooden chair and have the paper with me.

In the same dream, I dreamed that I was in a German prison camp with friends including Anne and Katie. There were at least seven of us and somehow we escaped and when we got out we had papers and new cars. The cars we drove were VW bugs, the new style and they were different colors. I think eventually we all traded the in so we wouldn't be spotted. BTW this took place back in WWII.

I remember running through the woods to get away from the Germans as far as I could. I thought I'd reached the end of the woods, and couldn't fo any farther when I found I could crawl behind these trees and then there was an opening, a place I could hide.

I remember finding this house I could hide in, it was abandoned. But I also somehow found out that a few Germans had escaped the Army...fleeing from ??? and then I had to make sure they didn't see me. Either they were hiding or they were just looking to move into that house. It was a huge mansion. I looked for a place to hide. I can't remember.

I know that at some point, the seven of us were separated and we had to find out way back to America. At tome point in the dream, I realized we were going to get caught and then realized I'd had the dream before and we were caught and returned to the camp but since the war was over then, the head of the camp was a little nicer and treated us better. this wasn't a concentration camp though, it was a prison during the war.

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