Thursday, December 27, 2012

I saw spaceships, lots of 'em

Had a dream last night. Yes, another strange dream.

I was at my parents house, I was standing in the backyard facing the southern sky when I saw what appeared to be some sort of aircraft in the skyy, lined up. Suddenly, the spaceships, of different shapes and sizes, many of them looked like the Starship Enterprise. The ships were lined up. As they began to take their places in the sky, one went left, another went right and so on until the sky filled up. The sky was filled with bright lights and starships. They were all Coast Guard too. A couple fewl low so I'd hoped that I could wave at them and they'd see me. I went into the house looking for my Coast Guard hat so i could wear it and they would see I was one of them. :It was an amazing sky, filled with bright starships, as if protecting us from something, but what?

I also remember my aunt came over to the house and she had this helium balloon with a heavy cable attached to it and a hook and then my uncle had one too. I kept trying to attach the hook to something but I don't remember what.

I went into my parents house and told them what was going on.

Somehow the spaceships came down, they were friendly. They set up these booths and they were trying to get us to live healthier, better lives. They wanted us to participate in our communities and sign oup for things. I can't remember what I signed up for.

Sometime during the dream, I think certain people disappeared, they just exploded into dust in thin air. I don't remember why. I do recall that the people who visited us were pretty nice, though I can't recall meeting any of them.

I do look back on that dream thinking how beautiful it was looking up at the night sky and seeing those Coast Guard spaceships lined up and then going out of formation and spreading out over the sky. It was friggin amazing.

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