Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Because having the right to vote just isn't enough for some people...

So, this happened...

Last night President Obama stated,
"When any American -- no matter where they live or what their party -- are denied that right because they can't wait for five or six or seven hours just to cast their ballot, we are betraying our ideals.

So, tonight, I'm announcing a nonpartisan commission to improve the voting experience in America. And it definitely needs improvement. I'm asking two long-time experts in the field -- who, by the way, recently served as the top attorneys for my campaign and for Governor Romney's campaign -- to lead it. We can fix this. And we will. The American people demand it, and so does our democracy."

Oh GOD, another nonpartisan commission?

Okay first, this is a map of absentee and early voting in the United States:  http://www.ncsl.org/legislatures-elections/elections/absentee-and-early-voting.aspx  and as you can see there are a few states which have no early voting and only allow absentee with an excuse and we states where they have early voting but you can't vote absentee without an excuse. Those state legislatures need to take up the matter to help shorten those waiting times on election day. However, that is NOT for the federal government to handle because there is NO denial of anyone's right to vote. Now, what we have is that some people can't get to the polls between 7 am and 7 pm however the individual is NOT being denied the right to vote. If your employer won't let you off work to vote, tell them to fuck off and then go vote. If your vote is important to you, you do what Americans have done since the birth of this nation, you FIND A WAY! Afterwards, you can always sue your employer for something. Of course there's no law against being an asshole but hey, you can try.

Second, Desiline Victor, the 102 year old matriarch from Miami who stood in line for three hours at her polling place claims she was told she could return later in the day to cast her vote. We are told there were "frustrating road blocks presented before her."  Really? With all due respect, Florida, for all its election insanity, allows three types of voting: standing in line at the polls on election day, absentee voting, and early voting. Now, some people REFUSE to do absentee or early voting because they do not believe it's not as patriotic as standing in line for hours. Whatever. That's their choice, but a vote is a vote no matter how you cast it and really that's all we give a shit about, whether or not we can cast our vote, not how it's done. So if you choose to stand three hours in line, despite the fact that could have voted any other time including by mail, then don't bitch and gripe when you have to wait.

So, why was the lovely (and God Bless her!) centenarian Ms. Victor even at the SOTU this evening? Well...if you're going to sell the idea that people are systematically being denied the right to vote, who better to use as an example of that than an elderly African-American female?  Hey I don't like it any more than you do, but what other reason could there be?

 And if that wasn't bad enough, we had to wake up this morning to find out that Bill Nelson and Barbara Boxer are moving forward on this ridiculous push to enact legislation mandating no more than a one-hour wait at the polls. The "LINE Act" calls for "national standards for polling sites. The goal is to ensure that no voter waits longer than an hour to cast a ballot."

According to Nelson, “In the interest of fairness and to avoid undermining the credibility of our elections, we should be making voting more convenient, not more difficult,” Nelson said Tuesday. “People should not have to stand in line for hours to exercise a basic right, not in a democracy like ours.”


Listen, I'm all for encouraging states with no early voting to implement it, I think it's a great idea, but really...the idea of a law that require keeping the wait under an hour? Damnit, are we, as a nation, really that spoiled? Do these people bitching about having to wait in line to vote realize that in many countries around the world people stand in line much longer than a few hours to vote. You don't hear them complaining. Why? Because they're just thankful to be able to vote in the first damn place!

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  1. Wow, here comes the Government with another issue they have fabricated, to save the day with even more governance.. (keep moving folks, no agenda to be seen here). Our president should have two important agenda items right now. FIX THE ECONOMY!!! And protect our nation.

    He is doing everything but that. Like solving the problem with semi-automatic rifles that are used in a small portion of the 3% of gun crimes committed (no agenda here either). How about protecting our rights (freedom of the press), instead of bullying the news organizations (again, no agenda). Also, how long are we going to hear about the previous administration being the reason things are not working now?