Friday, March 29, 2013

Beware of harassing calls from the jerks at Alexander & Stefano

That's right you asshats. I'm onto you. I'm in a mood at the moment and you pissed me off. I'm cranky and tired and I need a vacation but since I can't have one, I'm going on a rant about you assholes.

When dad passed away in 2009, mom kept his cell phone for emergencies. No one except we kids, her mother and her best friend have the number and she hardly ever uses it except to call one of us. So imagine her surprise when recently she began receiving calls on dad's phone from a caller who, often wouldn't say anything, ultimately prompting mom to just hang up. Today someone from that number called again and this time my mom answered it rudely, pissed off that they were still calling her, and they said something pretty rude back to her. She hung up on them, confident they'd call her back. They will, it's only a matter of time.

The number calling her is 716-204-7619 and it's listed to a corporation Alexander & Stefano, a debt collection agency in upstate New York. (They also have a Twitter at @aandstefano). I did some research and these assholes have harassed a lot of people, many of them were not even associated with the debt in question. They threaten to sue people, take away their home, children and livelihood, and they threaten them with imprisonment. The BBB and other agencies have a number of complaints on file for them.

My mom doesn't owe any money to anyone and the harassing asshole at Alexander & Stefano needs to stop calling her. If they don't, I will do everything in my power to put a stop to it. I'm not just going to sit around while my mom is harassed by these jerks. I'm just really sick of companies that engage in this behavior. Yes, I know that there are people out there who either can't or won't pay their bills but there are Statutes out there that prevent this kind of behavior and punish it severely. The most widely known is called the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act which was written to amend the Consumer Credit Protection Act and prohibits abusive practices by debt collectors. It's time they're forced to abide by it. In case you're not sure what this Act is, here's the main objectives:
  • eliminate abusive practices in the collection of consumer debts,
  • promote fair debt collection,
  • provide consumers with an avenue for disputing and obtaining validation of debt information in order to ensure the information's accuracy.
Despite the Act, debt collectors around the country continue to harass, intimidate and threaten people, whether they legitimately owe the debts or not. These days it's up to people like me to spread the word and let others know when this kind of crap takes place. Believe it or not, there are civil penalties for companies that violate the FDCPA just as there are civil penalties for companies that violate the National Do Not Call Registry. People who have been on the receiving end of the bad behavior need to report it every single time it happens, in order for the offending companies to start paying the price.

If they keep up the intimidation and harassment, Alexander & Stefano will wind up in court---as the defendant. Companies like this think they're too big and too powerful to be sued by the average Joe. All I can say to the people at Alexander & Stefano and companies like them is...

Bring. It. On.


  1. Having been in the credit department of various businesses over the course of my 35-year working career, I am WELL aware of the rules and regulations regarding the allowable ways to collect past-due debts. THESE "people" get lists of debts, many of which were charged off due to bankruptcies or deaths or go after people who have even SLIGHTLY similar names!! AND they get to KEEP whatever they collect, rather than pay the original people who were owed the money (since, obviously. they have been chalked up to the losses column for many years by the time these unscrupulous operators get the list) More power to you, Jessica, if you can stop just ONE of these bottom-feeders from operating! And, when you get done, see what you can do about the people who call MY cell phone from as many as 15 different area codes two-to-three times every single day from Card-Member Services who want to help me lower my credit card interest (of which I have NEVER paid one single solitary cent or carried a balance from one billing cycle to the next)!! I reported the first 30 or 40 calls, but I just don't have time to play with them..they just keep changing the numbers from which they call me! AND they cost me a minute of my allotment on my cell plan every time they call me!!!!

  2. I was getting numerous calls from them as well. I requested validation of debt per FDCPA and they refused. I mailed a letter requesting this info via ceritified mail and never got a reply. They did stop calling from 12/2012 until this month (5/2013) and have started calling again and are now calling and harassing friends and family. I have filed complaints with both the BBB (which currenlty has an alert out on them) and just yesterday with the FTC! I recommend everyone file with the FTC ( and hopefully someone will start a class action suit against their violations.

  3. Anonymous6/13/2013

    I just started getting calls from them yesterday from a local number in CA only to find out from you that they are located in NY. THey start out with this canned message. I took the call because I to want to know who it is I owe. They identified themselves as I did me, but then they wanted me to verify the last digits of my ssn, which I refused. I asked them who this was and why they were calling only to be told that in order for them to give me this information they needed to verify the last 4 digits of m ssn. Again I refused and told them to write me. Why shuld I trust that they are who they say they are. So they are supposedly filing papers with the court. I said to go for it, cussed them out, and hung up. But again they called and I ignored the call.

  4. Anonymous6/14/2013

    They are a complete total bunch of A-holes they severely break the rules of the FDCPA and make idle useless threats. Bunch of morons they got a F rating from the BBB (Better Business Bureau) Another A-Hole agency like them who makes similar calls and threats is Profession Debt Mediation (PDM) out of Jacksonville, Florida. They also got the same grade from the BBB as Alexander and Stefano. F for F-head flunky failures as human beings. Tell them both to stick it.

  5. Anonymous7/02/2013

    I just received a voice message from them as well and I know I don't owe any debt to anybody. They threaten to take more serious action if I don't return their phone call. The number they left was 877-576-3792. I called it back and since I vaguely remember getting a similar call a few months ago but not sure if it was the same company I just told them to spell their company's name and that I was going to report their harassing phone call to the FCC and to not call my number again. I will be making reports everywhere I can.

  6. Anonymous7/13/2013

    I just received a call on Tuesday July 9th 2013, i was in a meeting and the number said it was from Buffalo NY, They called and said that they have received a complaint and tha thrir client needs to veryfiy my information, and that if i didnt respond within 48 hours they would have to file paperwork against me.

  7. These people called me after already discussing my account with a completely different collection agency. The prior agency provided me a letter via fax showing they are collecting on the debt and set up an arrangement to pay my balance of $380 at the end of the month. Two days later, this Alexander and Stefano contacted me claiming they own the account. They claimed I owe $700 for the same account and refused to provide any paperwork. When I advised them that I already set arrangements, the rep started screaming at me. She made threats that I was going to be thrown in jail if I don't pay it. I called the previous agency and verified that they are a scam company and advised me to contact a consumer attorney, which I did. Hopefully, I will receive compensation for Alexander and Stefano's illegal tactics.

    If you are contacted by these criminals, I would suggest you call my attorney.