Saturday, May 25, 2013

House Committee hearings on the IRS: Kudos to the gentleman from Massachusetts

Below is part of the opening statement of Representative Steven Lynch, (D) Massachusetts, at the House Committee hearing on the Internal Revenue Service Scrutiny of Non-Profit Groups:

"But there's something else at play here. If we don't get...if this committee is prevented by obstruction or by refusal to answer the questions that we need to get to the bottom of this, you will leave us no alternative but to ask for the appointment of a special prosecutor or appointment to a special counsel to get to the bottom of this. This is a very serious matter, we would like to handle in in this committee.  But if...I watched the last hearing where the witness for the IRS had no names and no direction as to who led these investigations, who chose the terms to be used and basically stonewalled the committee. That cannot continue. We know where that will lead. It will lead to a special prosecutor,  it will lead to a special counsel being appointed to get to the bottom of this. So I hope that is not the approach the of the IRS going forward because there will be hell to pay if that's the route that we choose to go down."

As you can see, this isn't just a Republican issue.

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